Why Dolphins Have Disappeared from Israel’s Shores


Dolphin families like this one are now less common in the eastern Mediterranean Although grey whales have occasionally been spotted in the Mediterranean and bottle nose dolphins are often seen following commercial fishing trawlers, neither of these marine mammals are now commonplace in the Mediterranean; especially along Israel’s shoreline.  The Mediterranean Sea is feared by […]

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“Death Ray” Dolphin Killing in Persian Gulf May be Worse Than Shark Slaughter


Natural phenomena, HAARP experiments or an alien death ray? Some 152 dophins boiled alive with conspiracy theorists pointing to HAARP. You may think you have seen everything after Arwa’s article dealing with the slaughter of sharks in Persian Gulf waters off Dubai.  Think twice, dear readers, because you haven’t! There’s something even more sinister and […]

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Bottlenose Dolphins In Egyptian Pool Imported From “The Cove”


Taiji, Japan is the scene of the bloody dolphin slaughter revealed by “The Cove.” It is also the source of Egypt and Saudi Arabia’s dolphin imports. In 2008, Taiji in Japan slaughtered 1,700 dolphins. The international community swarmed to action after one of the most powerful works of journalism, “The Cove,” depicted the bloodletting in […]

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