Nabito Architects To Build Amazing Spiral Skyscraper In Abu Dhabi

nabito-stairscraperNabito Architects in Barcelona are negotiating with Abu Dhabi engineers to build these stunning sustainable skyscrapers.

Dubai’s skyline is going to look increasingly dull compared to what is planned for Abu Dhabi. In addition to Masdar City and the Lunar Cubit energy-generating pyramids that won the Land Art Generator Initiative’s 2010 design competition, a new award-winning building designed by Barcelona-based architects Nabito could forever change how we view high rise structures. Sweep aside the boring energy-draining buildings of old and welcome instead the “Stairscraper” stairscraper-garden-abu-dhabi CNN reports that this “eye-catching” spiral skyscraper won the Total Housing Competition organized jointly by the non-profit organization Storefront for Art and Architecture and Architizer, an online platform for architects.

Established in 2007, Nabito architects have already received several acknowledgments for their innovative, and even fun design. This most recent concept was inspired by a spiral staircase they saw hanging from a building in Istanbul.

“We were in Istanbul for the opening night of a building we recently built and while we were speaking we’ve been astonished by a spiral stair hanging from a building in front of us,” co-founder Roberto Ferlito told CNN. “We started joking about the form, playing and imagining the possibilities of transforming it into a building.”

Now he and Alessandra Faticanti are discussing their options with Abu Dhabi engineers, though most of the details are currently confidential.

stairscraper-in-nyc Faticanti told the paper that they are very concerned to harness as many “green” features as possible. Planned as a mixed use building that incorporates housing, offices, and public space, every level will include a garden.

To irrigate these green spaces, the architects are hoping they can reach an underground water table in the center of the building.

This will be a tricky proposition in Abu Dhabi, where the water table is already deeply stressed. Nabito will have to strike a balance between water scarcity and the urgent need to create carbon-absorbing green spaces.

:: CNN & Inhabitat

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  1. Greg akker says:

    well, is interesting, but i have some doubts about this…
    structure, circulations, public relations, and how this kind
    of building can create a good relation between the city
    and its contexts, about how this project is sustainable ? how
    the glazed facade can affect the building?, the project is funny
    and joyful, i like the colors, but how it works, i have a lot of doubts
    is, a nice irony but no more…

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