Masdar City Desert Delivery: Organic Food & Sushi

tuna-sushiWho knew? Now you can get sushi and organic food delivered to your home, from Masdar City. But there is a caveat.

When we think of Masdar City, we think of solar power and funky space-buildings. We think of desert and withering heat. And perhaps we dream that one day this city will be completed and offer the rest of the world an example of a carbon and waste free city (albeit a rather expensive one.) But sushi? And an organic supermarket? This is definitely news to us. Reporters from The National took a drive to see these places for themselves. The decision to establish healthy eating establishments at Masdar takes the city’s eco-image one step further.

A mere 20 kilometers outside of the UAE’s capital, Masdar City is slowly beginning to take shape. Students are studying, builders are building, but everybody has to eat. Here are their options:

The Sumo Sushi and Bento concept restaurants were founded by a family of four entrepreneurs in 2000 and have seven locations along the Gulf, the most recent of which opened at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. It is open from 11am to 11pm. Their specialty is freshwater eel (though who knows where it comes from? We all know there’s no freshwater in Abu Dhabi.)

There’s another small glitch: (Green Prophets have to check out the backstory, right?) Any business associated with Masdar should fit in with its sustainability ethos, but Sumo Sushi has a way to go. Fresh tuna – one of the most endangered ocean predators – features prominently on their menu.

With locations in Bahrain and Masdar City, Organic Foods and Cafe rates decidedly higher on the sustainability ladder. In addition to offering vegan and vegetarian foods, the paper claims they also sell better brands of children’s nappies and toothpaste, and “Yogi tea.”

This allows consumers to make choices that are better for their own health and that of the planet’s.

And, in order to make this service available beyond Masdar, both Sumo and Organic foods offers free delivery, even to the city center. The latter will allow customers to place their order online and pay COD.

:: The National

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image via Swift Benjamin

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