A Nice Way To “Stick It” To The Household Eco-Deniers

hu2-design-stickersHu2 Design stickers help those in the house who don’t really “get” where stuff comes from.

Some people flat out deny global warming and any other environmental problems. Others kind of get it, but aren’t prepared to give up their Hummers. Others still perpetually express their guilt for eating meat and flying to Dubai for a weekend of debauchery, but do it anyway.

Then there are those who have a strong eco-conscience, don’t eat meat, ride bikes, and shop second hand. And finally, there are folks who live entirely without money. But everyone could use a gentle reminder once in a while. Hu2 Design’s stickers show everybody the hidden costs behind household choices.

cool-global-warming-stickersThe sticker on the left represents three windmills, and on the right, a graphic depiction of water power.

hu2-design-home-stickersWhat’s a  hamster got to do with it? A house powered by hamster’s kinetic energy, perhaps? Who knows, but it’s still cute.

stickers-global=These stickers are a bit easier to identify. There’s the oil spill on the left, that brings up BP Gulf nightmares, and the CO2 spewing from fossil-fueled factories.

There goes the hamster again, scurrying like mad to light up the room!

It’s a silly thing really, but HU2’s designs demonstrate a kind of lighthearted approach to what is clearly a very serious issue. That takes the edge off things, and perhaps makes it a little easier for people to make the right choice.

:: designboom

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