7 Ideas for DIY Green Breastfeeding Coverups

breastfeeding coverModest moms don’t need expensive new breastfeeding covers, with all the green choices available.

While it’s not difficult to breastfeed modestly in public, many women in the Middle East prefer to wear a breastfeeding cover. And a range of companies will be happy to sell you a new one. But there is a greener way: buy second-hand, borrow from a friend, or make one yourself with fabric you already have on hand. Choose a light-weight all-cotton fabric, so stains won’t show. You can cut up an abaya that you no longer wear, or get something at the second-hand store or gemach (a type of lending library for items with limited use).

There are a range of ideas for do-it-yourself breastfeeding covers. Here are the best ones I found:

  1. If you can sew on a button, Victoria from ehow.com explains how to make a cover using only an old apron and a baby blanket.
  2. Here is a more sophisticated cover from Jaime at Prudent Baby (pictured above in the works). It requires supplies from the sewing store, but you may have enough fabric on hand. It can make a great baby gift too, if you know the mom uses a cover. This tutorial by Angela at Blisstree is similar.
  3. If you like bows, try this version of a breastfeeding cover from SewStitchClub.
  4. You can try this cute reversible cover from Shannon Makes Stuff.
  5. Or just use any kind of poncho that fits over your head.
  6. If a cover is not your thing, here are great tips for breastfeeding discreetly with ordinary clothes.
  7. A sling is great for discreet nursing, keeps your hands free, works great on public transit and is “greener” than a stroller.

However you cover up (or not) when you’re breastfeeding, you’re helping your baby get a great start in life and contributing to a greener planet.

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One thought on “7 Ideas for DIY Green Breastfeeding Coverups”

  1. Yosefa says:

    I bookmarked this page to read when I had time. So glad you posted this! I do sew and I’ve been eyeing expensive nursing covers. Just to summarize for those who sew: #2 is good if one layer of fabric is sufficient. #4 is the same but for two thin fabrics. Read the comments on #2 about adding a pocket for nursing pads and making sure the straps are sewn at the edges of the boning.

    I have also cut slits in thin undershirts or “shells” at the side of my breast like straight down from the front of the armpit. Then I wear a slightly loose shirt or thin sweater on top. The top gives your breast some cover and the shell covers your tummy and back. But I think the outside world is still more comfortable with a blanket or cover up. That is why we cover, right? To make everyone else feel comfortable? What I discribed above would be instead of expensive 2-layer nursing shirts.

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