Stay Cool In Turkey’s 5 Star Underground Yunak Evleri Hotel

cave-hotel-turkeyStep back in time with this restored 5th-6th century sextet of cave houses converted into a luxury hotel.

We were quite taken with these long-standing caves in Iran, and with this eco-boutique hotel in Turkey, but neither match the style of the restored Yunak Evleri hotel in Cappadocia. With fixings such as marble in the reception area, it isn’t the most modest tourism facility we have featured, but we do love to see history, nature, and travel merge in creative harmony. Once a sextet of cave houses carved out of soft limestone, a little cleanup and modern conveniences were added to this 5th-6th century marvel to produce a 21st century luxury hotel.

In 2000, the Yunak Evleri’s owners reclaimed the 5th and 6th century cave dwellings with the aim of creating a 30-roomed luxury hotel. The dining and reception area are set apart from the caves in a reclaimed 19th century Greek mansion complete with marble tiles.

“The name of the neighbourhood “YUNAK” comes from the old days when women used to do all their washing and of course, socialising by the fountain located at the village square. Being by the fountain and at the Yunak was the center of daily life,” according to the hotel’s website.


By adding plumbing, lighting, Wi-Fi, and modern entertainment such as a home theater, guests can enjoy a taste of history without completely leaving their comfort zone. Each of the rooms is accentuated with Ottoman antiques and includes a personal spa and patio, from where visitors can view the surrounding mesa.

Located in the center of Ürgüp, nearby a motley of cave houses and churches – some restored, others not – visitors have ample opportunity to go “cave-hopping.” And then in the evenings, exhausted from their underground pursuits, guests are invited to enjoy mellow sunsets in Yunak Evleri’s lush, candlelit common area beside a gentle outdoor fire.

Sounds irresistible, no?

:: Inhabitat

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