Ungreen News: Israeli PM Travels in Million-Dollar Armored Audi

security audi prime ministerA green choice? Fit for a Mexican drug lord, with cigar moistener, the outside view of the Israeli PM’s new Audi A-8 Security. Worth a million bucks?

Shades of James Bond? No folks, this isn’t a special version of the gadget loaded Aston Martin DB-5 that James Bond star Sean Connery drove around in some of the earlier Bond films. And which recently sold at auction for a paltry $4.5 million. And it’s clearly not that white gold Mercedes Benz of some wealthy sheikh in Abu Dhabi still turning heads wherever it goes.

white gold mercedesThe white gold Mercedes sportster

This new official cruising car of Israeli prime ministers is a specially equipped armored Audi A-8 Salon equipped with a number of comfort and security features that would rival anything that Her Majesty’s Secret Service can come up with to be acceptable for their head of state, as well as for a top secret agent with “license to kill”. But is it an appropriate choice for a country which so earnestly wants to go green?

aston martinBond’s Aston Martin DB-5

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s specially designed Audi, complete with a 12-cylinder, 6-liter engine, with an output of some 450hp, and permanent four-wheel drive, also has special security features, including bullet proof glass and armor plating. This is enough to (hopefully) keep even an RPG from penetrating; plus special “anti shock” doors that blow off to let occupants escape if need be. And a  fridge. And cigar moistener. Would that be Bibi or his wife Sara?

The car reported in Globes, is much heavier than ordinary cars (due to the armor plating) and will cost the local currency equivalent of $1 million US.

Obviously, such a car is not is not something that even most wealthy people would purchase, unless they happen to be a Mexican drug lord or a very rich individual who lives in constant fear of being taken out by rivals and enemies. As previously noted, there are a lot of expensive cars out there including Infinitis and other similar models now being sold in Israel.

Those seeking high line models of electric cars, outside of Israel, can buy those made by the American based Tesla Motors Company electric sports and sports sedan models that start at a mere $100,000. (I am being sarcastic).

I suppose that the head of state of a beleaguered country like Israel needs something like an armored car to ride in; and other foreign leaders, especially US President Barack Obama, also travel in such vehicles. Obama has an armored GM Cadillac limo that also must have cost a pretty penny to construct with all the required security devices and other accessories that a U.S. president requires.

president limo israelPresident Obama’s armored Limo

But for a small country like Israel, to spend so much on a car to protect its prime minister, those who do not have such a vehicle and live in dangerous areas.

And of course, this a car with a 6 liter, 450 hp super-charged engine is not what one would consider to be environmentally friendly. At all.

Perhaps an electric version will soon be available for this car too; providing it can go far enough between charges – accessories and all. If so, the Israeli PM might become an icon.


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    I guess you might say that the Prime Minister’s armored car isn’t as attractive as the white gold Mercedes, but it probably cost as much, if not more.

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