Israeli EUREKA Chair Hosts EU Reps and Promotes Cleantech R&D

"tel aviv cleantech conference"Israel chairs EUREKA this year and puts clean tech on the table.

The EU-based EUREKA network is an organization that seeks to promote international, market-oriented research and innovation by supporting a variety of enterprises, industries, and research institutions.  EUREKA’s support enables these organizations to introduce new products and services that better the market and, in some cases better the environment.  The network will be launching a EUREKA “Clean-Tech Initiative” campaign this February that aims to encourage projects that are focused on research and development in the cleantech sector such as renewable energy, environmental and water technologies.

This year Israel is holding a EUREKA Chairmanship, and as such it is hosting its first series of network events this week.  Since Israel is a leader in the cleantech field, it is only appropriate that the Israeli Chairmanship intends to strongly endorse the new EUREKA “Clean-Tech Initiative” this week.

One of the events hosted by the EUREKA Israel Chairmanship will be a joint address made by the Israeli Minister of Industry of Trade, Benyamin Ben-Eliezer, and Chief Chairmanship Scientist, Dr. Eli Opper.  Taking place this Wednesday (October 27th) at the Rabin Center in Tel Aviv, the event will be attended by European business leaders, high-level representatives from the EUREKA network, industry leaders and scientists from 40 countries.

The event will provide an opportunity for attendees to promote improvements in technology, industry, and research and development, as well as improve international cooperation.

EUREKA annually supports over 300 collaborative projects across a wide spectrum of industries, totaling over 1.5 billion Euros.  Of the 40 countries in the EUREKA network, Israel is one of the most active participants and Israeli companies have partnered in over 10% of all EUREKA projects.

The network is definitely looking towards the environmental future now, and looking to support projects that promote sustainability.  As the network states itself, “EUREKA initiatives look to meet challenges such as climate change, energy security, and limited water resources.”

Image via: J Rosenfeld

: EUREKA Israel Chairmanship

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