Wear Your Baby in a Sling for Eco-Benefits

Mother carrying baby in sling.Do errands with no fuss, wearing baby in a sling.

Ever watch a mom push a stroller with one hand and hold a fussy baby with the other? Or struggle up the steps of a bus, then try to fold the stroller while holding a squirmy baby? A sling is a simple solution for these problems, and many others: A cloth fabric sling or baby carrier, the ancient way of carrying babies, wraps around your body and keeps baby secure while giving you two free hands to do other tasks.

Why you’ll be glad you brought your sling and not the stroller?

Babies love to be carried. A sling, worn properly, strengthens your back muscles.  Your can keep baby in a calming upright position, lying down, or any position in between. Older babies and toddlers can be worn in the front or back. If you wear your baby regularly, you muscles will adjust to the increase in baby’s weight.

Slings are especially useful for busy moms. Your baby is always with you, and you don’t have to keep an eye on the stroller.

Here are some situations where you’ll be glad you brought your sling:

  • A store with narrow aisles.
  • Bumpy sidewalks, curbs, or paths.
  • Up and down steps.
  • Public transportation.
  • Meetings, work, or parties, where a quiet baby allows you to concentrate on other things.
  • Any time your baby is fussy, including at home.
  • When an older sibling needs more of your attention.

With your baby securely strapped to you, you are keenly aware of each other. You can calm baby as soon as she starts to fuss. If you are breastfeeding, you can feed her right in the sling.

You can make your own baby carrier using recycled cloth. If you make an over-the-shoulder type, you’ll need a sturdy ring that can carry the weight of the baby without breaking.

The best slings require fabric with a certain level of stretchiness, so they can be pricey but still cheaper than a good stroller. Since slings don’t wear out after one baby, you might be able to borrow one, or find a used one for next to nothing.

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