Six “Green” Reasons To Drink Camel’s Milk

drink camel milk green photoOne hump or two? Feisty camels might have a bad rap, but their milk is low in fat, and full of vitamin C and iron. The next thing to hit Whole Foods?

At the tail end of breastfeeding week, we thought we’d draw attention to another kind of milk widely touted in the Middle East to be the magical elixir of health.

A staple of their diet, along with dates, camel milk has long provided Bedouins with the proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins necessary to survive a desert-dwelling existence.

And unlike cow’s milk, which creates allergies in many consumers, camel milk is blessedly allergen free. Camelicious bottles this humped concoction in different flavors and sizes that are available at supermarkets throughout Dubai.

camel milk

1. The healthier choice:

Considered to be the closest substitute for mother’s milk, camel milk is not only low in fat and full of vitamin C, but it doesn’t curdle in the stomach. Therefore, it’s easy for the body to process it.

2. The Bedouins swear by it:

Travel to any Bedouin home, and you’re likely to find a camel nearby. After giving birth, mama camel can easily produce 5 liters of milk a day, though friendly coercion and good diet can stimulate more production. The Bedouins insist on the milk’s holistic properties, as indeed, it was used as a moisturizer and sunscreen as well as food. The Bedouin have plenty of health hacks. Find lots more here.

3. Free range:

The Emirates Industry for Camel Milk And Products (EICMP) Have Diversified Camel Stock, which is relatively free range.

No business in their right profit mind would admit to dodgy conditions for their animals, but the company Camelicious claims that their animals are happy and healthy. In addition, the camels bred for milk are  interbred with camels from Pakistan, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, producing a superior genetic strain.

4. Camel milking is potentially more humane:

Camels are typically milked for 12-16 months after giving birth, before they are encouraged to breed again; the equipment used to milk them is designed to be safe for their udders and to avoid mastitis – a common condition among dairy cows.

5. Camel milk tastes good too!

Free of cow’s allergens, and milder than goat’s milk, camel milk just might be the perfect compromise. It’s not too sweet, and drinking it won’t cause an upset stomach either.

6. No chemicals added:

With 5 times the amount of Vitamin C in camel’s milk, and full of iron, camel’s milk needs no nutritional help. It has a shelf life of 5 days before pasteurization, after which it will survive for up to 3 weeks. Camel’s milk is just as versatile as other milk, used as it is to produce low-fat varieties of cheese, chocolate, and a fermented delicacy that is used in areas that lack refrigeration.

So, put away your carton of steroid-infused cow’s milk and genetically modified soy, and find yourself a liter of choco-camel milk instead. That is, for those who observe Ramadan, after the sun has set.

:: above image via Woods Hole

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21 thoughts on “Six “Green” Reasons To Drink Camel’s Milk”

  1. Joseph Chance Watkins says:

    Wow, who knew camel milk would be so unique? Thanks for sharing the information with us; Jesus Christ Bless! 🙂

  2. michael anyona says:

    where can i get camel milk here in kenya

  3. Helen says:

    It is wonderful to hear of your experience with drinking camel milk Abdulrauf Sivany and the benefits you gained. Thank you for sharing that. 🙂

  4. Abdulrauf Sivany says:

    Thanks Helen, you have stated the correct reasons for using Camel Milk. I have used it and believe you me, it is very healthy. It cured my heart problems from cholestrol and many other weakness in the body.

  5. raana says:

    Very interesting and informative.I would like to know more.

  6. Helen says:

    Michelle K. Where is the research to prove that camel milk causes cancer in human beings? Are you not aware that camel milk is being used to treat and cure many diseases? There is research to prove that!
    Austism, diabetes, heart problems, and cancer to name a few.
    Here in Australia, we are not plagued with non-native feral camels as you claim. There are a number close-minded, dead headed people who are using misleading and false information as facts to gain access to tax-payer funds to feather their own nests.
    What we do have is a Government without vision. Camels have been on the planet for many thousands of years, they have sustained Bedouin herders for many thousands of years. Herders who can live solely on dates and camel milk for months. And you claim it causes cancer in humans? I would suggest that “processed” milk from any animal is possibly cancer causing or promoting. As are many other manufactured foods. It is not the milk that is at fault, it is the interference by man to “improve” on what nature has provided in perfect form.

    1. vipul says:

      hi, i want to know that, for how much time raw camel milk stay fresh without refrigeration ?

  7. sa'ada says:

    i don’t know about hepatitis either but camel milk appears to bring relief from food allergies.

    2 years ago i did the protocol with my son who had severe eczema and it worked. just now the eczema is starting to come back so we’ll do it again or try GAPS diet.

    thanks for the article.

  8. Michelle K says:

    Please for the sake of being humane don’t eat any animal products for your health or the planet, especially milk since it is only for a growing calf, but can cause cancerous cells to grow in human beings, as cause many other health problems as well as arthritis and exposure to E-coili (because of feces in it) Please also don’t allow a “camel industry” in the U.S, considering that Australia tried to ,and now are plagued with non-native feral camels. Like wild horses in U.S, these camels right now are also being inhumanely targeted for hunting, as well as transported for slaughter in Middle Eastern countries that do not have any humane animal protection laws.

  9. Not sure about Hepatitis… that’s a question for a trained medical professional!

  10. akramiqbal says:

    Is camel milk treatment for hepatites C patients.

  11. Steve Mitchell says:

    NB : from :

    Health issues

    A 2005 report issued jointly by the Saudi Ministry of Health and the United States Center for Disease Control details cases of human bubonic plague resulting from the ingestion of raw camel liver.[18]

    18 – ^ Bin Saeed AA, Al-Hamdan NA, Fontaine RE (September 2005). “Plague from eating raw camel liver”. Emerging Infect Dis. 11 (9): 1456–7. PMID 16229781.

    Human Bubonic Plague !!!

    Just goes to show you that you cannot automatically trust everything you read on the ‘Net.

    There are always two sides to every attention-grabbing story, headline etc.

    The answer is always careful research, particularly where your health is concerned.

    1. We’re not suggesting that anyone eat raw camel liver…

  12. Ronley says:

    I live close to Jericho,and many times I visit the Beduines that work at the side of the road selling various ceramic pots, plants, and some even give camel rides.
    They all insist that camels milk also strengthens a mans virility.


    1. Hopefully we’ll all be able to increase our virility soon, as Camelicious expands their market!

  13. DR ARSHAD IQBAL says:

    I appreciate and advocate camel rearing because in the coming era with drastic climatic changes day by day ,we could not find such a useful animal on the earth which can serve humanity towards food more than camel.I am also engaged in teaching/research on camel.This animal attracted me in its qualities and I earned PhD in Camel Production.

    1. Thank you Dr. Iqbal: please feel free to email me your research at [email protected]. I’d love to learn more.

  14. Perhaps, Zohar, and we appreciate your comments. But Green Prophet covers all of the Middle East.

  15. Zohar says:

    At least you should mention that it’s not kosher!

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