Extra! Extra! Read All of Green Prophet's News on Kindle!

green prophet kindle reader amazonGood news for all our readers out there who have (paper and ink and fossil fuel saving) Kindle Wireless Reading Devices: now you can get your Green Prophet news downloaded straight to your Kindle!

The Kindle is Amazon.com’s lightweight, portable electronic reader that can hold as many as 1,500 books (eliminating the need for these books to use up precious paper and energy resources).  The display screen is supposed to simulate the look of real paper, with no glare, and many books are cheaper if you buy their electronic version for the Kindle.

Green Prophet is proud to be joining the Kindle’s current selection of New York Times Best Sellers, US and international newspapers, and magazines.  We are definitely in good company and happy to be distributed in such an eco-friendly format.

So how does Green Prophet work on the Kindle?  When you subscribe to get GP on your Kindle, it is downloaded automatically so that you can read our stories even when you’re not wirelessly connected.  And don’t worry about the format – unlike RSS readers which often only provide headlines, on Kindle you’ll be able to read the full text and see the images from our stories.

We would love to hear about your experiences reading GP on Kindle, and about using the Kindle in general. And if you really love, we’d appreciate a rave review on the Amazon website.

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