Make Some Creative, Reused, Green Noise This Purim

Purim, one of the most colorful and popular holidays in Judaism (probably because it is a mitzva to get, ahem, inebriated), is coming up this Saturday evening.  Colorful because it involves getting dressed up in costume, and popular because it’s fun to see everyone else’s creative costume ideas, eat delicious pastries, hear the story from the Book of Esther, and have a little something to drink.

Unfortunately, all of those activities carry potential for a lot of waste.  But they don’t have to.

Want to dress up but don’t want to be covered in cheap, disposable costumes, or plastic?  Here are some creative do-it-yourself costume ideas made with stuff mostly from around the house:

Make a mask out of items in your recycling bin.  Cereal boxes are great for this.  Just outline the shape you want, cut out holes for eyes, and then punch a hole in each side so that you can attach a string or rubber band to your mask.

Dress up as a Compact Florescent Lightbulb by wearing all (or mostly) white.  If you have a white turtleneck, that would be great for this.  Then inflate around a dozen long, white balloons and tie them end to end.  Wrap them around you in a spiral shape along your torso for a light bulb look.

Become a Greek god or goddess by draping a white sheet over yourself, cinching it with a belt or some rope, and putting on some sandals.  For an extra touch, grab a branch from outside and wrap it around your head.

Another fun part of Purim is eating all of those Hamantaschen (or “oznei Haman”), but the ones available at stores around you may not be organic, homemade, or made with local ingredients.  Why not make your own?  And why not spice things up by making Ma’amoul cookies, eaten by Jews in Arab countries all over the Middle East during Purim.

And while you’re dressed as a CFL, eating homemade (and local, and organic) cookies, and listening to the Book of Esther, what are you going to make noise with every time you hear the name of the nefarious Haman?  Some disposable noisemaker?  No!  Make your own noisemaker out of items in your recycling bin.  Get creative – use bottles, cans, and whatever noisy, clinky items you find.

Lastly, how are you going to perform that oh-so-important Purim mitzva, getting drunk?  Hopefully with some local, organic wine or some locally brewed beer.

Happy Purim!

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