Israel and The Province of Manitoba Get Together on Water Cooperation This Week

canada israel water cooperationCanada and Israel seem like an unlikely couple, but the two are keen on sharing water resources and expertise.

We already know that Israel and the Province of Manitoba are collaborating on wetlands research. And last year Canada’s water experts from Manitoba were in Israel to learn about the very dry country’s techniques in water conservation.

Last week my friend from Reuters sent me a note that Israel is to host the second Manitoba-Israel Water Symposium, this January 10-15. The unique and intimate 5 day conference is aimed at boosting international co-operation on key water issues, uniting leading scientific voices, and policy-makers from both Manitoba and Israel to share their knowledge, experience, and expertise on issues related to protecting the health of their own national water systems. There will be lectures for business people, scientists and policy makers on board, as well as “fun” outings and tours that highlight Israel’s water hotspots.

Having coped with decades of water shortages, the State of Israel has gained tremendous experience in developing unique solutions for water issues, according to the press announcement. Besides being separated by thousands of miles, Israel and Manitoba share some common water challenges as well as a commitment to protecting their precious water resources for future generations. And this conference will address those issues of shared concerns to both the Province of Manitoba and Israel. Much of the focus will be on water management in the north of Israel surrounding Lake Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee) and the Hula Valley wetlands.

Monday kicked off with a number of sessions. Chaired by Dr. Gordon Goldsborough, the director & associate professor of Biological Sciences, University of Manitoba; guests heard from Dr. Alon Rimmer, about long term hydrological changes in the Lake Kinneret watershed and on global climate change and local water usage patterns; from Dr. Michael Paterson on the effects of changes in water levels and hydrology on the ecology of lakes at the experimental lakes area, Canada; while Dr. Avital Gasith, lectured on the biotic responses to the modulation of littoral zone structure by water level fluctuation: the case of Lake Kinneret, Israel. This is just the first session! There are multiples like this per day, over a 5 day period, including gala dinners and celebrations. All for the sake of water!

Press and experts interested to know more about the event, please contact:
Michal Marmary ([email protected]) – FPCI – Foreign Press Consulting Israel

This post first appeared on the Canada’s Israel blog.

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