"Bird's Eye View" Raw Sewage Sighting off Beirut's Coast

raw sewage beirut lebanonBeirut, the “Paris of the Middle East,” is pouring raw sewage into Mediterranean Sea.

It’s not just the Sidon garbage dump that’s polluting the Mediterranean Coast of Lebanon. Irrelevant Combinations blog shows airplane view pictures of raw sewage being dumped into the sea off the coast of Beirut. Although the weather outside may be frightful in the northern hemisphere, hearty winter types best avoid swimming off Beirut’s coast –– especially later in summer –– until the situation is remedied.

“Someone told me that most of Beirut’s sewage gets dumped in the Mediterranean,” writes Mohammad Zaher. “I didn’t believe her, but thought if this is true I will definitely be able to see it from the airplane when we take off. And I did. The scene was horrendous. My intention with this post is to warn you should you ever decide to go to Beirut in summer to enjoy the beach. You need to watch where you jump.”

You might also want to consult this swim guide to Lebanon beaches, Green Prophet posted earlier.

::Irrelevant Combinations

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