Greenpeace Petition Calls on Netanyahu to Attend Copenhagen Climate Change Summit

netanyahu copenhagen greenpeaceLebanon’s Prime Minister is going, but Israel’s won’t. Locals sign petition to get its PM to Copenhagen.

Sick of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s excuses for not attending the international Cophenhagen summit on climate change, Greenpeace has been circulating a petition in order to urge him to attend.  Apparently, many Israelis agreed with Greenpeace.  Within three weeks over 6,000 Israelis signed the petition.

The petition was presented to Netanyahu on Sunday morning, with a request that the Prime Minister confirm his attendance at the conference.

Nili Grossman, the director of Greenpeace Israel’s energy campaign, said that “we call upon the Prime Minister to stand at the interest of the Israeli public, to promote Israeli solar technology and join the group of developed countries to reduce the use of coal.”

copenhagen netanyahuGreenpeace also pointed out that reducing dependence on climate change-causing fossil fuels is in line with Netanyahu’s political agenda, since it would also lessen the free world’s dependence upon the oil countries that may sponsor terrorist and fundamentalist groups.  Therefore focusing on alternative energies would be a move towards improving Israel’s security.

Approximately 105 national leaders are attending the summit at Copenhagen.

Want to sign the petition yourself?  It’s not too late – click here for the Greenpeace petition online.

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