Queengil Provides Sensible Drip Irrigation Tape Drop by Drop

queengil drip irrigation israelIt is finally raining in Israel and other parts of the Middle East; but the region’s acute water shortage is far from being over. An Israeli company Queengil, is trying to help alleviate the problem of providing maximum crop irrigation with available water resources, refining the technology of “drip” irrigation which has already been doing so for over 50 years. Its in the same business market at other Israeli drip irrigation companies like Plastro and Netafim.

Since its inception in 1987, the water conservation products made by Queengil have been very useful for farmers in arid areas to provide water for growing a variety of crops, including grains, fruits and vegetables, and a variety of flowers and other plants.

Also known as micro-irrigation and trickle irrigation,  the idea of letting water seep slowly into the ground to irrigate crops has been in existence since ancient times, when clay piping and pots with small holes in them were buried in the ground to let water seep from them slowly to dampen the soil.

Using rubber and  plastic “tapes” of piping to provide irrigation in arid regions, drip irrigation has been in use in Israel virtually since the country’s founding. The modern version of drip irrigation was developed by Simcha Blass,  a kibbutznik living at Kibbutz Hatzerim in Israel’s dry Negev region.  Blass had been involved in working on a number of water projects, including irrigation, and his drip irrigation innovations became so popular that they were exported worldwide during the 1960’s.

Although entering the irrigation field much later, Queengil has perfected the micro-irrigation science even further, and has developed a much more advanced type of drip irrigation “tape”, along with connectors, special mulch film that is laid on the ground to better absorb the dripping water, and other micro irrigation  products. Queengil’s products are currently being used in arid areas of Africa, Asia, North and South America; and even parts of Europe, such as Greece, Spain, and Italy, where recent problems of climate change have lessened the amount of rainfall that used to be taken for granted.

Mr. Gilead Doton, Queengil’s CEO and Chief Marketing Manager, has been involved in a number of water projects in Israel for a number of years, including water conservation exhibitions  such as the 2008 Agro Mashov Exhibition that occurred jointly with the International Summit for Vegetable Fruit Flower Marketing (VFF).

With the problems of desertification appearing to be worsening in many parts of the world, drip irrigation products by Queengil and other Israeli irrigation products companies will definitely help to alleviate the problems of crop irrigation, including countries that do not have normal political and economic tries with the Jewish State.

Further information on Queengil and their products can be had by accessing their website www.queengil.com.
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