Globe Ecological Hub Recently Proposed for Israeli City of Modiin

eco hub modiin tamariIsraeli architect Zvika Tamari (of TeaM Architects) recently proposed a conceptual plan for a Globe Ecological Hub in Modiin, a city in the center of Israel between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

What is a Globe Ecological Hub?

In Tamari’s conception, it is an organically shaped, grass-roofed eco-dome located in the center of the city and surrounded by green spaces.  If completed, the hub would function as a museum and multifunctional urban center that promotes sustainable living.

Many green building strategies would be used in the construction of the hub, such as natural ventilation, daylighting, water reuse, and active solar systems.

globe ecological hub israelThe hub would be divided into two main areas: a museum area and a linear structure of courts to be used for workshops, laboratories, study halls, a library, studios, a cafeteria, and other public uses.  As part of its green mission, the museum would house permanent and temporary eco exhibitions.

Sustainable building methods would be used mainly on the museum structure, such as natural ventilation to keep the museum interiors cool.  Also, smart sensors on the exterior facade of the museum would be used to direct natural light into the exhibition spaces.  Lastly, the roof of the museum (the top of the hub) would be covered with photovoltaic cells that convert light directly into electricity.

Water would also be reused throughout the hub, with water already used for drinking and washing purposes being reused for irrigation.

As World Architecture News has described the design: “The natural formations characterising our planet are expressed within the spatial perception of the project.  Round shapes, curved surfaces and methodical voids are being exposed as integral parts of the landscape surrounding the site.”

:: Inhabitat

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