America's SunEdison Opens Sunny Solar Energy Office in Israel

sunedison-israelWhen it rains it pours, when it shines it blazes: the US solar energy company SunEdison has moved into Israel where it is setting up a subsidiary SunEdison Israel Ltd.

With the guaranteed and attractive feed-in tariffs offered in Israel, the company will build solar energy projects and make investments in the industry, according to the financial newspaper Globes

In Israel SunEdison plans on building small and mid-sized photovoltaic installations (PV)  for homes and businesses giving companies  sectors and it is reported that it will participate in tenders for the construction of solar power plants in the Negev. 

The company is also in talks with Bank Hapoalim which is considering investing in the subsidiary. 

Veolia, Interdan, Sunday Energy, Solarit Doral and Arava Power are  all players in the Israeli solar production market. Does this latest news mean there is a solar power gold rush starting the Middle East? Let’s hope so. 

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