Taco Bell Goes Green with All Unnatural Ingredients

taco-bell-greenLoyal GP readers know that there are many ways to cut a burger out of your life, from being a part-time vegetarian to vegging out on Meatless Mondays at Israel’s gourmet restaurants.

The Onion reports one more: the American fast food chain Taco Bell is going green by replacing all its ingredients with those grown in laboratories.

A “spokesperson” for the company told the fake news program that “At Taco Bell we have a long tradition of taking as little as possible from the natural world. Our ground beef for example has always been environmentally friendly. It’s 85% gluten filler, 8% petroleum based grease flavoring, but it’s always had 4% meat, real livestock… But with Taco Bells new green initiative, we’ve actually been able to replace that 4% meat with a simple chemical adhesive.”

Follow the link below to check the video out.

Taco Bell’s New Green Menu Takes No Ingredients From Nature

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