New Tel Aviv Bar The Rogatka Takes Veganism To The Extreme

green beerIf the combination of the words “vegan” and “bar” doesn’t make sense to you, you’re not alone. 

Because beer is made of hops, malt, and yeast, right?  No animals harmed or used in the production of any of those.

But The Rogatka (or “Slingshot”), a new “vegan” bar that opened up last week, defines itself not according to the content of its goods but by the ideals that it encourages. 

And so for all you meat and dairy avoiders out there – you are welcome with open arms at the bar’s location on Yitzhak Sadeh street.

The ideologically focused bar was opened by the same “anarchist collective” that used to run the Salon Mazal bar off of King George street.  The founders of the bar say that they hope their watering hole will attract environmentalists, left-wing activists, and other likeminded people with their cheap drinks and fair trade products.

And as a self proclaimed “anarchist collective”… they will also demonstrate what some would consider to be extreme views.  The bar bans Israel Defense Forces soldiers in uniform, the carrying of weapons, and boycotts products made in West Bank settlements.

In the words of Adi Vintner, one of the bar’s founders, “we can’t hold views against discrimination and oppression, while at the same time support the infrastructure that exploits human beings and other animals.  We wanted to show it’s possible and even worthwhile to live differently.”

So would you have a drink there?  And if you have already, please let us know.

:: Haaretz

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  1. squanderlust says:

    to be fair, there are quite a few alcoholic beverages that are not vegan, either through ingredients or processing.

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