Tel Aviv’s Salon Mazal to Host a DIY Recycled Craft Workshop This Week

salon-mazal-DIYSalon Mazal’s eco-activists may be a little extreme, but they can still teach you some cool recycled crafts.

Salon Mazal, an information center in Tel Aviv that spreads information about a whole range of issues including social change, human rights, animal rights, consumerism, feminism, and gender issues, is known for bringing together a collective of passionate, dedicated people. Sometimes this passion verges on the extremely idealistic side and leads the folks at Salon Mazal to do odd things like open up vegan bars, but they nevertheless want the right things. And one of the things they want is for people to reuse and recycle, which is why they’re hosting a free DIY recycled craft workshop this Tuesday, September 28th.

The emphasis of the workshop will be to upcycle materials that are not currently collected and recycled by the Tel Aviv (or any other Israeli) Municipality.

Operated by Sigi and Galia Nachmani at Salon Mazal (32 Yitzhak Sade Street, Tel Aviv) at 7:30pm, the workshop will teach participants how to create baskets, bags, and more with just some plastic bags and creativity. No other materials or tools will be used in transforming this ubiquitous material into knitted bags, bowls, baskets, belts, boxes and more.

Another material that will be used during the workshop is old video cassettes, which will also be transformed into baskets and bowls.

Participants will also be taught about the importance of preserving the environment and the ease with which materials such as styrofoam, glass shards, soap residues, and video cassettes can be recycled.

Image via: Salon Mazal

: Salon Mazal

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