Is the Financial Crisis Making It Harder to go Organic? No Sweat Apparel in Trouble

organic clothing bethlehemWith the financial crisis effecting more and more people every day and spending becoming significantly more conscious, many consumers are choosing to trim the fat. 

Unfortunately, this often means becoming more dollar conscious and less eco conscious. 

Greener choices – such as organic, shade-grown, or local – often cost a little bit more, and so another adverse effect of the financial crisis is that the cheaper and more environmentally harmful choices are gaining more popularity.

One green company suffering as a result is No Sweat Apparel, an organic clothing company working exclusively with union shops and run by American entrepreneur Adam Nieman.

Starting in 2006, No Sweat Apparel has been active in the Middle East through its production of organic t-shirts in Bethlehem. 

This endeavor both encourages green practices and provides jobs in an area where many are unemployed.

Unfortunately, No Sweat Apparel is not untouched by the financial crisis… hence a current liquidation of their online store.  Including the Bethlehem line of organic tees.  Apparently luring customers to think green and fair trade during an era of penny-pinching can make you break quite a sweat.

bethlehem organic shirtStylish organic shirts (such as the ones above and to the right) can now be purchased for as little as $12 and shipped anywhere.  (Granted, the shipping is not so green, but it still supports a worthy endeavor.)

As the company defines itself:

“No Sweat is the pioneer of fair trade fashion and footwear, setting an empowered, unionized workforce as the gold standard for fair trade clothing. 

We market direct to consumers via the internet, through our network of independent retailers, and by custom orders to wholesale customers.  We provide a competitively priced fairly traded product to you and a living wage to our workers… It’s our world.  Let’s change it.”

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3 thoughts on “Is the Financial Crisis Making It Harder to go Organic? No Sweat Apparel in Trouble”

  1. James says:

    thats sad to hear. I spent time with adam & his local factory owner in bethlehem last year, and it seemed they were on the cusp of great success,& bringing a fair deal to Palestinian workers.

  2. Avi says:

    Yep, a shame indeed…

    I would like to point out that No Sweat Israel still has some “leftover” organic t-shirts from Bethlehem, which can be purchased at

    Thank you green prophet 🙂

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