Katan Adventures Puts the EcoloJEWcal (and Ecological) in Travel


For those of you out there who may have been planning an eco tourist trip to Israel but have… ahem… postponed your plans for the time being, don’t cancel all of your vacation plans just yet.  Katan Adventures, a New York based travel company, might be able to provide help planning an alternative trip with the same kavana (or, intention).

Katan Adventures attempts to provide “action-packed, eco-centric, guided outdoor adventure trips and travel for Jews and friends of the Jew in their 20s and 30s.”  Their trips are not religious in the sense that they are not affiliated with any Jewish movement and do not promote any religion.

Katan Adventures does, however, operate in a manner that reflects the fundamental Jewish value of tikkun olam (heal the world).  In their own words, “this means that our guides will show you the best outdoor adventure activities that our destinations have to offer, such as surfing, skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking and more all while being mindful of our impact on the environment within which we travel and, ultimately, live.”

In other words, they’re putting the Jew in ecological.  (Or, as they so cutely put it, into ecoloJEWcal.)

Katan Adventures is currently offering tours to Costa Rica, Jamaica, El Salvador, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and is working on organizing tours to other regions (such as Africa).

The company enforces sustainable tourism practices in a number of ways, including: working with companies that share a commitment to sustainable travel, limiting the physical impact of their trips on the communities and environments that they visit, avoiding all activities that exploit animals, and promoting awareness of environmental issues.

Not only are the Katan Adventure tours environmentally conscious, but the company’s own offices are green as well.  Located in an old warehouse in Brooklyn, NY that has been converted into an environmentally friendly office space, the offices feature solar panels on the roof and recyclable furniture.

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