Israel National Lottery Focuses on Environmental Art and Design

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Mifal Hapayis (the Israel National Lottery) is opening new windows of opportunity for environmentally aware artists and designers. This year, the Arts and Culture Council turned to the public for suggestions on areas worthy of support and the people spoke up! Letting in a breath of fresh air in more ways than one, the new categories reflect a growing interest in ecology and awareness of the environment.

Seeking to encourage environmental awareness in all aspects of design, performance and art, Mifal Hapayis will give special attention to ecologically oriented projects.

In the performing arts, street theater and other performance events taking place outside conventional frameworks have been added to the list.

In the visual arts, the committee will place an emphasis on:

  • Architecture and the Urban Environment
  • Art and Ecology

One project already in the works is “Ecosphera” – which aims to be the largest green event held in Israel. Scheduled to take place in the Artist’s Village of Ein Hod and its environs in mid-April, the festival will be dedicated to the theme of “sustainability.”

In addition to workshops, theatrical events, and an organic farmer’s market, the highlight of the festival will be an international exhibit of green art curated by Dana Tagger.

The Board of Directors has allocated 12 million NIS to fund projects in a variety of areas. Artists, designers, cultural institutions and dreamers who would like to submit proposals may do so in the months of February and May.

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