Audit Your Energy and Water Usage

billsOne of the best ways to save is by auditing your consumption.

  • Take next month’s bill and set your energy/water usage as your benchmark
  • As the month goes by make little changes to try and improve your consumption rate.
  • When the next bill comes in see how you are doing.

Feedback is one of the best ways to check your progress. Your energy/water bills will give you cold hard numbers that you can use to check that you are on track. You’ll not only save energy and water but money as well.

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One thought on “Audit Your Energy and Water Usage”

  1. Colin Waters says:

    I have been keeping track of both my energy consumption and my garbage to recycling figures for the past few months. I think the more you are conscious of your usage the more you try to save.

    I have cut my energy bill by two-thirds and i recycle about six times more than I toss the garbage (same sized cans)

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