Perach Rafian's Cupocket Handles Your Hot Drinks With Care

cup-pocket-rafian-perach cupocket photo

It’s starting to get cold over here in Israel. Although we’d consider ourselves lucky to see snow, most of the winter is really like an early fall day in Canada or the Northern States. Still, wearing (possibly knitting?) the sweaters are essential, as are thinking about ways to cut down on heating costs, or creative ways for keeping the old toes warm (see Yael Mer’s slipper rocker).

Over on DesignBoom, we stumbled across Perach Rafian’s ceramic mug, the Cupocket. With the handles turned inward, and a silicon lining as not to burn, it’s sure to keep your fingers snug and warm as you slurp away on the hot chocolate, or fair trade coffee.

rafian-perach-ceramic cup pcoket photo

Perach writes: “The cupocket is designed for people who are used to warming themselves up with a hot drink on a cold day. It has two pockets that encourage people who are looking for a hot place to put their hands into the cup. The cup is made from ceramics and the pockets are made of silicon that pass the warmth quickly.”

Ceramic dishes have been found to have a smaller carbon footprint than paper, plastic or metal. And it tastes better drinking from ceramic than anything else, wouldn’t you agree? That is, if you don’t break it.


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