Jesse Interviews Dov Khenin, Tel Aviv's "Green" Mayoral Candidate


Now that Barack Obama is on his way to the White House and the US seems poised for a “New Green Deal”, could things start heading in that direction in Israel as well? 

While on the national level, a new green party aims to secure a couple of seats in the Knesset, one of the outgoing Knesset’s most active environmentalists has set his sights on become mayor of Israel’s largest metropolis.

In August, Dov Khenin announced his candidacy for Mayor of Tel Aviv with A City for All (Ir Licoolanu), and since then has been very busy spreading the word in the city. 

Khenin is proposing alternatives to current policies in a number of areas, including transportation, urban planning and affordable housing. In this video interview, Khenin discusses his vision for the city, his political worldview and the differences between himself and his opponent Mayor Ron Huldai.

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