Greenpeace’s "Rainbow Warrior" Comes to Israel

Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior climate change Israel

It’s not just Morrissey and Paul McCartney who are on tour in Israel this summer, but Greenpeace’s legendary Rainbow Warrior ship is also paying the country a visit this weekend.

As part of its latest tour of the Mediterranean Sea, the well-travelled vessel (the original was sunk in 1985 protesting against nuclear weapons testing in the Pacific) is due to dock at Haifa Bay this Saturday (6 September, 12pm) to spread its message: CLEAN ENERGY, NOT COAL!.

Apart from an opportunity to board the ship, meet its crew and learn about climate change, Rainbow Warrior’s visit will help remind Israelis about plans to build a new coal power station further along the coast at Ashkelon. In May, Greenpeace activists abseiled from the roof of the Infrastructure Ministry in Jerusalem wielding a clear message for Infrastructure Minister Binyamin [Fuad] Ben-Eliezer: “Fuad will kill Ashkelon in one week. COAL KILLS!”

:: Greenpeace Mediterranean (Hebrew).
:: Greenpeace Mediterranean (English).
:: Facebook event (Hebrew).

Photo: © Greenpeace / Yonatan Leibowitz.

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  1. james says:

    I can’t make it to the visit, but I’ve an old friend who is the engineer – Bob Wallace, a dour, bearded, passionate Scotsman ….. look out for him & send my regards!

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