A Green Prophet Tour of the Big Green Apple (aka New York City)

green ecological New YorkThis Prophet recently got the chance to travel to New York City, and was a little bit apprehensive about the green-ness factor of the Big Apple.  For a city so notorious for its chic blacks and greys, we figured that a fairly untrendy color like green wouldn’t be too popular.  We were wrong.  Apparently green is the new black.

Eco consciousness is all over the place in NYC (to be referred to from now on as the Big GREEN Apple), and eco tourists should feel very comfortable there.  Here’s a list of some of the top best green stuff in Manhattan:

green New York transportationPublic Transportation: Considering how many people actually live in Manhattan and the other four boroughs of New York City, there is a relatively small carbon footprint associated with transportation in the city and it keeps getting smaller.  Why, you might ask?  Because NYC public transportation is going green in a big way.  The buses are hybrid electric vehicles now.  The subway stations are changing their lighting to energy efficient CFLs.  And the subway cars themselves?  They reuse the energy generated when the subways brake.

Food:  Eating local has thankfully become trendy in New York, and there are tons of farmer’s markets all over the city that run as late into the winter as December.  If shoppers can’t make it over to a farmer’s market, though, then supermarkets are now in the habit of labeling where produce has come from to make life easier for the locavores out there.

green eating gourmet vegetarianEating Out:  Eating out isn’t always the greenest of activities, but if you’re gonna do it – do it green.  This Green Prophet recently had the pleasure of eating at Blossom, an organic gourmet vegan restaurant in Chelsea.  (The stuffed portobello mushrooms with cashew-tahini sauce are highly recommended.)  Another great organic vegan restaurant is Angelica Kitchen in the East Village where you can get anything from soups to salads to entrees to vegan desserts.

Recycling: Almost every apartment building has a separate area for depositing paper, plastic, aluminum and glass recycling.  A lot of fast food places (if you must) do too.

In the spirit of a What-I-Did-Over-The-Summer report, please share your green impressions from your summer travels in the comments section below!

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  1. Alfred says:

    Manhattan is filled with very trendy people. As soon as “green” became popular, it became a thing for New Yorkers.

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