Jordanian Ministry of the Environment Launches Eco-Cities of the Mediterranean Forum 2008

Jordan eco-citiesIn a press conference held last week the Jordanian Minister of Environment, His Excellency Khaled Irani, announced the launch of a Jordanian initiative called “Eco-Cities of the Mediterranean Forum 2008” to be held at the Ministry’s premises this coming October.

When explaining the reasons for initiating the regional conference, Irani said:

Our region’s energy, water, air and environment are all facing significant and complicated challenges that are affecting the quality of our lives today and will continue to affect the quality of future generations if they are not addressed… During this three day event, we aim to create a momentum towards addressing environmental challenges and opportunities in cities across the Mediterranean region and to promote the adoption of environmentally friendly practices by suggesting policies, strategies and programs bringing together the relevant public and private sectors.

Here at Green Prophet, we have similar wishes and have already covered some of the green happenings in Dubai as well as the Israeli government’s promotion of eco tourism.  But there is obviously a lot of work left to be done and hopefully this conference will not only raise awareness of certain issues and tackle problems proactively, but foster communication among Middle Eastern neighbors.

Speakers at the forum will include people involved in the United Nations Environment Program such as Dr. Habib El Habr, Arab Hoballah, and Dr. Basel Al Yousfi as well as Dr. Sadek Owainati who is a co-founder and board member of the Emirates Green Building Council.

Some of the topics discussed during the forum will include a survey of environmental challenges facing cities, water and air issues, the importance of the media in educating the public, sustainable development, and models for sustainable eco-cities.

Eco-Cities of the Mediterranean Forum 2008, October 18-21, Jordan

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