Hey, Are You Gonna Use That? Second Great Green Prophet Giveaway with Yoav Kotik!

For those of you who missed out on our first Great Green Prophet Giveaway, the competition is on again!  And this time the prize is local, handmade, and recycled – so we’re especially proud.

kotik beer earringsYoav Kotik, an Israeli artist who reinvents garbage materials into beautiful jewelry and other creations, has graciously agreed to give an earring and ring set made out of Israeli beer caps to the most creative bidder.

The earrings and rings are made out of Israeli beer caps (specifically Goldstar and Malt Beer, for those picky beer connoisseurs out there), and so they make a patriotic and environmental statement at the same time.

What do you have to do to win one of these beautiful jewelry sets?  Green Prophet and Yoav Kotik would like to hear what creative ideas you have for reinventing stuff that would otherwise end up in your garbage bin.  This can be anything big or small – the sky’s the limit!

kotik goldstar ringsThe winners will not only win the prized beer cap earring and ring sets, but may even inspire Kotik to make a new creation based on the winning ideas!   All of the ideas will be shared with Kotik himself.

And now for the rules.  Post your ideas in the comments section below so that everyone can check out your creative thoughts.  We’ll be accepting ideas until Friday and will announce the two winners next week.

On your marks, get set, GO!

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10 thoughts on “Hey, Are You Gonna Use That? Second Great Green Prophet Giveaway with Yoav Kotik!”

  1. minha ideia foi de usar tampinhas para confeccionar armaduras no estilo romano, como escamas de peixe,usei 3 marcas de cerveja aqui do Brasil para faze-la.Para ver o resultado e so ver o blog no Gloogle endereço acima.Obrigado.

  2. Sam Miller says:

    I take throw away clocks I find and take them apart, insert a new photo of a Grand child or loved one of someone I know, in the place of the face, and give them away.

  3. Susan says:

    Mine is not an original idea, but I love porcelain and hate to see it thrown away. I re-purpose old tea pots/cups as candle holders. The cracks which make them useless for beverages add to the ambient quality – like crazing. I’d love to turn some into pendants (when my cats knock them down), but I’m not that detail oriented. You like my idea – give a prize to a youth group locally (for auction, even) to send a kid to camp or provide activities.

  4. Etay tsur says:

    Can I buy one of those goldstar beer cap rings?

  5. Sarah says:

    I think the best waste reduction art I’ve thought of so far is taking old clothes that are not suitable for donation to charity because of stains or tears and salvaging any good fabric from them to make outfits and accessories for children’s dolls. Not only does this keep the clothing out of the garbage dumps, it prevents unnecessary waste from all the packaging used in selling toys these days!! Old buttons and beads from broken necklaces can be used to decorate/accessorize! My creations have always been a big hit with my friends’ siblings.

  6. Karen says:

    GIVEAWAY EXTENSION: Due to popular demand, we’ll be extending the deadline for the giveaway to next Friday (June 6th). So you have some extra time to come up with super creative ideas! Please don’t forget to include your contact information so that we have a way to get in touch with the winners.

  7. Herman says:

    I could easily see a bathroom carpet made out of old electric cords.
    The CD spindle (the round thing that holds like 50 CDs) can be used as a perfect bagel launchbox for work.
    Also, what I do when I’m done with my toothpaste is, I split it open and clean my house with it. Toothpaste is a great disinfectant and my house smells fresh for 24 hours later 🙂
    We took the Mey Eden huge 5 gallon water jars in our office and made them into a drum set. When I buy humus and salads, the round boxes (oh, but is there such a thing as a round box?) are used later on as mini-tupperware. An empty coffee glass jar can be used to store your cutlery. Our neighbors threw out their old fridge, only it’s mad old and retro and beautiful (looks like those classic Volkswagen vans!) so what I really want to do one day is to buy all the metallic paint I can afford and pimp it into the coolest little shelve unit (I can already imagine it!). We have tons of old audio tapes lying around, so I took one of them (Phil Collins, never was a big fan anyway!) and took out the tape itself – now they’re used to hang some of my paintings around the house. You can also use electric cords to hang wet laundry to dry. I have one great tip to all of you who store those never-ending plastic bags at home – simply put all of them in one bag (unrelated, I know, but I couldn’t help it). My last idea may be a wee to hard to bring to life: I envision a carpet made of my old clothes. This way I get to clean my closet space AND keep my nostalgia around my house.

  8. Rebecca says:

    My idea for reusable jewelry is to use memories in the form of tickets/stubs/cards/photos/magazine covers- you name it, and roll them into beads for a necklace. My favorite is the kartisia (bus ticket).You can see some pictures on my (unfinished) website, http://wearablestories.com. I especially like the Jerusalem bus tickets because the gold x really shines in the bead. Who ever thought you could develop a love for bus tickets?! So if you have extra ones, send them my way. I haven’t even launched the site yet, so you should know you’re one of the first to see it. I hope to win this awesome jewelry set!

  9. Rebecca says:

    My idea for reusable art is from kartisiot (bus tickets)- you can see my unfinished website at http://wearablestories.com. The idea is to make stories from tickets/stubs/cards/photos – you name it and roll them into beads! I even have some pictures on the website. My favorite are the Jerusalem Kartisiot because the gold in the middle really shines on the beads I make. In short, I would love to win this jewelry set!

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