Israel's 12th Annual Cleantech Exhibition at Airport City

Last week at Tel Aviv University’s Renewable Energy and Beyond (yeah the conference that Al Gore opened), and the venue where the University announced its desire to become a Supercenter for renewable energy, we met Isaac Berzin of GreenFuel Technologies. A Time Magazine most influential, Berzin now a fellow at the IDC, is back in Israel to establish a massive renewable energy project ten times the scale of GreenFuel.

Israel has a five year window to provide alternative energy solutions to China, says Berzin.

Why should we care?

As the world’s number one greenhouse gas emitter (with emissions growing at an exponential rate), China is also now buying fuel from Iran, he says.

We might be able to live through global warming, but a nuclear Iran, doubtful.

The good news is that some, including Berzin, believe that Israel has what it takes to make renewable, non-polluting, fuel a reality. If you believe so too, it might be wise to book a flight (with carbon offsets) and attend CleanTech, 2008 at Airport City in Israel. Opening right before World Environment Day on June 5, the CleanTech Exhibition is Israel’s international annual conference and exhibition for showcasing its environment and water technologies.

It will take place, for the 12th consecutive year, on June 3-4 at the Avenue congress center in Airport City. Exhibitors will include leading Israeli companies, government ministries, “green” organizations and educational institutions active in the area of the environment, along with artists and business proprietors interested in conveying a message and increasing awareness to “a green future,” while relating to environmental, infrastructural and water technology issues.

The rest of the press release continues:

This year the exhibition holds particular importance, due to the fact that the Israeli government has decided to adopt the concept of a “green government,” and to invest in water technology and clean energy in the coming years. The government regards these two issues as growth generators, and intends to turn Israel into a leading player in the world in these spheres, based on the comprehension that Israel benefits from a relative advantage in the development of water technologies and solar energy.

The CleanTech 2008 exhibition will also deal with air, sea and river pollution; noise pollution; the water and sewage cycle; garbage, plastic and paper recycling; cellular antennae and more. During the days of the exhibition conferences will also be held, attended by the best professionals from both Israel and abroad, along with government ministers and leading public figures involved in ecological matters. The conference will deal with three central issues: the severe water crisis in Israel, renewable energy and the environment.

Additionally, and for the first time, an exhibition of ecological art: CleanArt, will be held as part of the CleanTech exhibition. Within the framework of CleanArt, ecological art produced by Israeli artists will be displayed, comprising works of art constructed of recycled, environmentally friendly materials only. Price of admission tickets: NIS 80


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