Shai Agassi's Electric Car is Coming!

The time is nearly here! The long awaited electric car will soon reach the masses: Project Better Place has presented its prototype electric car today. The smog may start clearing soon, we will see how quickly it catches on.

Project Better Place commissioned a survey, which claimed that one in every six Israelis said that they would buy an electric car.

Their site exclaims: “The average car in most parts of the world is getting to be as expensive as the gasoline used to drive the car 18,000 miles – which for most commuters is a year of gasoline.”

Now, more than ever getting an electric car is looking good. Currently Israel is offering great tax breaks for electric cars. So even though the price of the electric will probably cost the same as the gasoline-driven model of the same car, the final price tag will be less.

It will still take some time until the land is flowing with these cars, the infrastructure needed for upkeep and running these cars is still not into place. Yet, Israel Corp. chairman Idan Ofer said, “I believe that most of the public will drive electric car within a decade.”

If we can go mobile-electric all we’ll have to do is green our electric grid. 

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3 thoughts on “Shai Agassi's Electric Car is Coming!”

  1. avi says:

    Yep, the idiot’s answer to a complicated situation….. intermediate solution when a better one already exists, in true Israeli style..

  2. I agree with Kerry…

  3. kerry bradshaw says:

    Project Better Place is more aptly titled Project Better Con. Agassi’s monopolistic scheme is showing the Israeli govt to be peopled by a bunch of desperate and gullible jerks. Swappable battery packs merely increases the cost of the component that makes pure electric cars the stupidest technology of all. Plug-in hybris cando everything Agassi’s silly fleet of 100 mile range electrics can, at a far cheaper price and a whole lot sooner and a whole lot more acceptable to the driving public. Israel needs Agassi’s scheme like it need a whole in the head, which it apparently already possesses.

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