A sustainable coffee break

Coffee and mood

Cut the junk out of coffee junkie. Instead of a foam or paper cup, use your own travel mug if you are on the go, or ask the café for glass if you have a few extra minutes. Drinking from class or a coffee in a handmade pottery mug is always tastier than dribbling coffee down your shirt in the drive through.

Not only can you cut waste but Styrofoam can actually disrupt your hormones. And you don’t want to ingest the chlorine used to bleach paper cups, they create carcinogenic dioxins during production.

How to have a sustainable coffee break

  1. Avoid capsules
  2. Use an American drip, pour-over or classic espresso machine to brew your coffee
  3. Buy organic and fair-trade coffee or visit cafes that support regenerative agriculture and farm to table
  4. Drink slowly and from a glass cup or coffee mug
  5. Talk to your neighbor or read a print newsaper or book
  6. Recycle your coffee grounds in the compost
  7. Compost filters or make your own cotton reusable filter
  8. Use organic milk or a no-milk alternative like oat milk

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If your home java is as good as store bought then consider bringing it in a thermos. You can save cash and regulate your intake at the same time.

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