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When looking for the next candidate for whatever office we look at whether the candidate is good for us. What are his/her ideal? Is s/he a good manager? Does s/he understand micro and macro finances? … oh yeah, and is s/he good for the environment?

Environmental organizations launched a campaign yesterday to evaluate candidates according to their environmental record ahead of November’s municipal elections in Israel.

“We also certainly intend to point out candidates who have a problematic past with respect to the environment,” attorney Alona Schaefer, director of the umbrella organization Life and Environment, told a press conference. The campaign was launched under the slogan “Green Now.”

Politicians are scrutinized based upon various records. It’s fantastic that now we can see if they truly care about the city they will be leading. Poverty, programming and building plans are all important. But without the eco-outlook something serious is missing in any candidates vision for the future of the city they wish to lead.

Source: Haaretz

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One thought on “The Green Vote”

  1. Alan M. Abraham says:

    IT WASN’T THE SUGAR that made Brazil energy independent!

    You people are clueless about “going green”. Israel can become energy independent in two years or less. There is no need to argue with environmentalist, the Knesset, auto manufacturers OR BUILD ANYTHING if the people retrofit to FFV’s. This technology was developed by Roberta Nichols at Ford decades ago and is being used NOW! IT WASN’T THE SUGAR that made Brazil energy independent! It was the Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFV) she developed at Ford. Go to with which I have no connection. I am just an American Jew who loves Israel. You can buy a kit to retrofit a car and it will burn gasoline or any other fuel RIGHT NOW. Get a franchise and sell them in Israel or talk to the Brazilian government directly. My neighbor runs his car on vegetable oil for $1.50/gal.! The problem is the public has to be educated that they can retrofit their cars NOW! Nobody is informing them. The California Energy Commission has 300,000 FFV’s on the road right now. They are finally starting to open methanol stations to the public. There are over 9 million FFV’s in the U.S. right now; mostly in the mid-West. Distillers like Seagram’s have an opportunity for a new product if they wake up and snooker the oil companies. They can sell wood alcohol at the grocery in the same 3 gal. containers we buy laundry soap in. Then, the oil majors will designate one pump at every station for Methanol, which is clean and excellent fuel, and there will be a choice of fuels for consumers. Stop buying oil from OPEC. Instead of putting trash and human waste in land fills it can be fermented into methanol. Sell methanol made from recycling used cars and tires which are mostly plastic anyway. There is an electric company in California fermenting methanol from cow manure to create electricity. Read Robert Zubrin’s book Energy Victory. Retrofit used cars now and Israel can take billions of OPEC’s profits away from them. Give a tax credit for retrofitting cars to Flex Fuel Carboration so people will stop buying gasoline like they have in Brazil. Please make Israel energy free and independent of U.S. and OPEC. That’s the only way for real peace.

    Alan M. Abraham, M.A.
    [email protected]

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