Shay Alkalay: Strategic Stickies for Stained Clothes


Israeli designer Shay Alkalay is a man modeled after our own green heart. And with his cheeky invention, you will never have to say ‘out, out, damn spot,’ ever again.

aking over your coffee spills (which might have otherwise ruined your best white shirt), is a little iron-on alien, known as a stickystain. Says Shay’s website, “[These are] iron-on stickers that turn unsightly stains into attractive doodles. An alternative way to prolong the life of stained clothes.

A postcard sized sheet that would be enough to rescue at least 4 different stains.”Hear, hear! We can imagine that they are great for kids clothes, too.Update: Shay’s not selling his stickies at the moment, but you can make your own. We found this book online that can help you cover ALL the stains in your life. Transfer: Images on Glass, Fabric, Ceramic, Stone, Paper, Metal, Plastic and WoodSee also Shay’s partner’s wacky invention, the Evacuation Skirt – perfect for inflating in times of need. Like when global warming kicks in perhaps?::Shay Alkalay

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7 thoughts on “Shay Alkalay: Strategic Stickies for Stained Clothes”

  1. Gitta Zarum says:

    I’ve often covered small moth holes or stains with embroidered flowers.

  2. Amanda, Shay is a guy. I’ve interviewed him.
    – Karin

  3. Amanda says:

    Good news, just a little crit….Shay is a ‘lady’!

  4. Jack says:

    and now we can reduce the poisoning of our water sources by using less detergent…

  5. keith says:


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