Upcycling records into business card holder

upcycled record business card holder

You can find your own Tina Turner or Kenny Rogers records and upcycle them into a business card holder.

Israelis are coming around and getting into the recycling spirit. We couldn’t hold ourselves back from posting again on Groovy, the designers who have designed a multi-purpose matkot chair.

matkot beach chair

The chair which also holds matkot paddles for ultimate fun on a Tel Aviv beach

Today’s find is a record business card holder.

While records are pretty much obselete in this part of the world (unless you are a DJ), business cards aren’t.

Update 2021: maybe better keep the records for listening. Going analogue has a charm of its own and records are worth more in one piece than cut up as a card holder.

More Groovy designs below:

Phone upcycled into vase

Phone vase

matkot ball chair

Matkot ball chair

records card holder

phone upcycled to clock

Upcycled phone clock

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