Wanna Be A Rocket Man?


Afraid that this planet is doomed? Before global warming sets in, how about shooting a sample of your DNA into outer space? For a mere $87 you have the chance of being immortalized. Maybe your genes will drift back down to earth in a couple of billion years when the earth has calmed down. Or maybe you can take root on another planet?

A Tel Aviv University astrophysicist says it’s balderdash, but the Israeli visionary Agmon David behind this BeInSpace fantasy adventure (it’s an NGO!) disagrees:

“As an intelligent being we have an obligation to spread life to other planets,” says David who emphasizes, “Someday, somehow, life on earth will come to an end, perhaps due to wars, floods, diseases, or the expansion of the sun to a red giant. Our role as a civilization should be to help preserve life beyond earth.”

“This is the only thing that would remain of us, and it can sprout life on a new fertile planet,” says Solomon Byron, an excited user, that sent his DNA with hopes that it would last forever.

Francis Crick, a Nobel Prize winner for the co-discovery of a double helical structure (DNA) published a paper suggesting that life may have arrived on Earth through a process called “Directed Panspermia.”

The Panspermia hypothesis suggests that the seeds of life are common in the universe and can be spread between worlds. He also suggested that other civilizations could have sent it to earth. Does that mean we are aliens?

BeInSpace will collect DNA (genetic information) with participatants receiving a simple kit for collecting their own DNA. Once the kit is returned to BeInSpace, they will separate the DNA from the cell, encapsulate it, and send it to outer space.

“By sending our DNA into space, we will be protecting the millions of years of evolution that are folded within each of our cells, and assuring a part of life will float in deep space far into the future,” says Agmon.

“It’s like buying a lottery, it allows you to fantasize,” says Noam Permont, 28, a web media manager based in Tel Aviv. “Perhaps, one day an alien will find my DNA, and make me again.”

With our planet in peril, who wants to take the risk?


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3 thoughts on “Wanna Be A Rocket Man?”

  1. agmon says:

    thanks for the article great story!

    the basic idea is that it can give eternal life to our digital thoughts and our social memes, but most important it can help spread life in our galaxy by simply sending a DNA molecule to outer space.
    this information would live for ever.

    Have good luck with this blog it is a great idea!!

  2. Karin says:

    There are a lot of scientologists swimming around Israel. Who knows, maybe one of them is behind the whole scheme?

  3. Ilana says:

    Wow. I thought Scientology had this stuff covered already…

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