3 signs you need a new bed frame

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A good night’s sleep isn’t just about the mattress. Make sure when you buy a frame, buy one that can last at least a decade, or better your lifetime. That’s sustainable bed-buying.

A new bed frame isn’t just about a comfortable sleep — it’s about getting you ready for the rest of your life. A new bed is a big investment, and it’s something that you’ll have for a decade or life if you buy right, so it makes sense to consider the purpose of your new bed frame. If you’re not comfortable in your bed, you’ll likely toss and turn all night long. You might even wake up with back pain or other aches and pains no matter how comfortable and eco friendly your organic mattress is.

The right mattress will help you get a good night’s sleep — but it won’t do much good if the foundation of your bed doesn’t support it properly. Here are three signs that your current frame needs replacing and consider that you might need to buy a new frame. If so, consider that you might buying a best frame at VidaXL.

The Headboard Is Too Tall

If the headboard on your current bed is too tall, then there’s no way that you’re going to be able to get comfortable while lying on your side or stomach. This can lead to back pain, neck and shoulder pain, numbness in arms or legs and even headaches and migraines if you’re someone who suffers from them. A good rule of thumb when buying a new headboard is that it should be at least an inch shorter than the tallest part of your body.

You feel don’t fit the bed

Your bed has lost its support. If you sleep on a springy mattress, an ill-fitting frame won’t be able to support it. This can lead to back pain and leg cramps, and you don’t want to go to your garden for your morning coffee. Forget about a workout.

You wake up with sore shoulders or neck. If your mattress isn’t properly supported by your frame, it can cause headaches and sore shoulders if you roll over in your sleep.

Bed frames are the backbone of your bed. They’re not just a place to sleep, they’re also a place where you can store your clothes and keep your bedding clean. A bad bed frame can lead to back problems and even worse, it can be a safety hazard for you or your children. 

  • The bed has large gaps under the box spring
  • The mattress sags toward one side
  • There are exposed wires in the headboard

Your feet don’t fit the bed. The size of the bed should match the size of the mattress. If your feet are too big for the bed, they could slip out from under you during the night and cause injury.

Too low or too high 

Your bed frame is too low or too high. If you’re feeling like you’re sleeping on the floor, it’s time for a new one. If your bed frame is too low and you have trouble getting in and out of bed, it probably means that it needs to be raised. Don’t worry — it can be done easily with a few tools and some elbow grease. Your headboard is uncomfortable or falling off the wall. If your headboard isn’t attached to the wall properly, it will fall over time. Make sure that your headboard is secure by bolting it to the wall with screws or bolts.

You need a new mattress set. Your mattress may not be as comfortable as it once was due to wear and tear, so replacing it could be beneficial for both body and wallet alike!

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