Using LinkedIn Efficiently

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LinkedIn is like a giant conference that lets you network with everyone in the room

LinkedIn is a massive networking platform worldwide, ranked among the best social media websites for doing business. With 750 million members, your sustainable business would be lost without being part of such an important business networking venture. Users can register for free and through it members, free or paid, can communicate with colleagues, business associates, and clients. To streamline outreach if you are doing cold calls for your hydroponics or energy business, you can also turn to LinkedIn marketing automation software for helping with sales. 

Read on to know more about LinkedIn for individuals and corporate growth. Here are some steps to get the best out of LinkedIn.

1: Update your LinkedIn profile pic

Your profile says a lot about who you are. Make sure you make a good first impression. A great photo can get likes and comments. Here are some ideas. 

Use a professional photographer and have the image aligned with what you are doing in the background. Write a quick intro about yourself: “changing the world one mushroom at a time.” if you have mushroom tea business, for instance. 

2: Connect with LinkedIn members

LinkedIn gives you a chance to associate with individuals and businesses in their industry; be well-informed about current market developments and share this knowledge with colleagues. LinkedIn has a menu called My Network that allows you to save connections made by an individual. On making a new connection, you benefit from access to the individual’s profile and mutually accessible connections.

3: Start talking

In creating connections on LinkedIn, the networking company gives room for real-time communication. A smart replies function helps keep conversations to the point, and if you have a premium account deliver private messages to LinkedIn associates without needing an introduction.

4: Suggest and endorse

Your connections can type recommendations and approve your skills. Recommendations are individual testimonials that show your strengths. Request your business colleagues or friends from biz school to highlight attributes that fascinate them about you, rather than the obvious. Try and get endorsements that help you stand out in a crowd.

5: Join LinkedIn groups

Working in hydrogen energy or regenerative agriculture? Find groups that matter to your line of work. look on the search bar for groups to join and type in some keywords. The software will suggest some others that may fit your business or interests.  

6: Discover fresh hires 

Some 20,000 business in the US rely on LinkedIn to hire new staff.  It can help you fill new dream roles you are hiring into and also help you find a new role if you are looking to use your skills at a new company. Search by location, universities, language and through your existing connections. A warm endorsement is better than a cold call. 


Consistent tryouts might bring about positive results. The above steps and many more can aid in achieving one’s goals.

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