Smart Cemetery: Graves with Technology

burial pods part of estate planning

Burial pods are a modern but ecological way to bury your loved one. Now, IoT and technology is catching up with burials? Is this technology we want and need?


As technology has revolutionized every field of life, it also brings revolution in the cemetery and the way people remember their loved deceased. Advancement in technology as well as ecological principles brings changes in the traditional concepts of graves. The technology is now used to preserve the record of deceased and his/her life. The smart cemetery provides the facility to people to remain in touch with their loved ones who left them for good by various technological methods. Smart cemetery is getting traction across the world and is now burgeoning business to provide modern facilities at a grave.

Preserving record of a grave

Over a period of time, the grave often vanishes owing to weathering effect and erosion. The information of deceased disappears over a period of time, and people are unable to preserve the information of the deceased. The smart cemetery provides a solution to this by providing mechanism to save a grave. In a smart cemetery, QR code is used to save the information about the grave. A lawyer can use this information to prove his case in the court in case the criminal elements are involved. The Criminal justice system is indispensable for the justice in a society. Just as the cemetery has adopted the modern methods, the educational field has provided a criminal justice degree online. Students can start by scanning a QR code to get their educational data and assistance from their instructors while learning criminal justice system online.

Services to save the life of deceased

The memory of deceased often diluted in the mind of people as the time goes by. Some people might want to be remembered by having an eco funeral. The Smart Cemetery assists in saving the life of the deceased by using modern technological methods. The QR code is used to provide information about the life of deceased. The smart cemetery maintains a website which directs the user to the life of deceased, it includes photos, videos, his/her accomplishments, and other events associated with the life of deceased. This is the revolutionary steps in history, as it provides details about the deceased after he passes away. 

Reminder to pay visits to your loved one

The smart cemetery has the service of reminding people about their loved deceased, if they fail to pay a visit. This keeps the deceased alive in the memory of living people. This smart cemetery service is able to keep people recalling their loved ones frequently. This system is helpful for the bereaved to recall the deceased. Or maybe your loved one will be remembered in a natural setting, starting in a burial pod

Watching graves online

In this time of harsh struggles because of Covid. People find difficult to visit graves physically. The smart cemetery provides videos of the graves streamed live using modern technology. The camera footage is provided to the bereaved live on their cell phones and televisions. The bereaved are able to watch the deceased’s grave, to some degree, by sitting at home. 

Smart Cemetery and IoT

The Internet of Things has changed the way cemeteries are managed. IoT is used in a cemetery to provide information about every grave. The sensors are used in graves that communicate with other graves and provides information about the cemetery and details of the cemetery. Management becomes more easy and effective with the use of IoT.

VR and Smart Cemetery

Virtual reality is emerging technology across the world, this has changed the way people interact and see things. VR heads are used by visitor to see the 3 Dimensional videos of their loved ones. The bereaved can watch their loved deceased and refresh the memories of his/her. VR is a corner stone in developing the smart cemetery, and improves the relationship between the deceased and the living.

Record of Cause of Death and Criminal Justice

The Smart Cemetery provides information about the cause of death, time and date of death. This assists in improving criminal justice system, the details of victims of violence are shared by the concerned authority whenever they are needed. 

Technology is playing an ever-growing part in how we bury and remember our loved ones today. In addition to choosing Smart Cemeteries, families hire professional funeral live streaming services to broadcast the funeral to family and friends abroad. This has become particularly popular during the Covid pandemic and seems to be a common way to include mourners overseas.


The smart cemetery has changed the concepts of traditional graves. Graves are now equipped with technology to provide information about the dead person, and present the history of the deceased to the visitors. IoT is being used in smart cemetery to effectively manage graves and VR technology is used to provide the bereaved 3D views of the deceased. 

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