What to Do About Always Feeling Sick

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Are you feeling sick chronically – like all the time? Maybe it’s post-covid or long-haul covid, maybe it’s menopause or you are just run down. How can you cope?

We all have days when we don’t feel well. And everyone will eventually come down with a bad cold or case of flu that puts them out of commission for a week.

But when it seems like you’re sick every day or unable to escape specific aches and pains, it’s something worth looking into as soon as possible. Failure to do so could make matters worse. Besides, who wants to live that way?

If you or a loved one constantly feel sick, it’s time to take action. The following are six paths towards freeing yourself of the agony and burden of persistent illness:

Consult your physician

Doctors are there to help us be healthy. With this in mind, your first move should be to schedule an appointment with your physician. While they might be unable to solve the problem right away, doctors provide an invaluable resource for individuals concerned about feeling unwell. Be honest about all the symptoms you’re experiencing, regardless of how embarrassing it may seem. Your doctor is not there to judge; she’s there to do everything possible to help you feel better.

Get tested

Many instances of chronic illness come down to underlying conditions. The best way to uncover any undiagnosed condition is to test for them. For example, an allergy test is recommended for those experiencing hay fever, eczema, or asthma on a routine basis. Bloodwork is another common way for individuals to test for various diseases and disorders. While most testing is done at the doctor’s office, many companies offer home-testing options. In both instances, samples are mailed to labs for analysis.

Improve your diet

Nutrients play a significant role in immune system health. Generally speaking, those with diets rich in fruits, vegetables, and seafood tend to have more robust immune systems. This means their bodies do a better job at fighting off infectious diseases. If your diet consists of processed meat, sugary drinks, and other nutrient-low, calorie-dense foods and beverages, consider making healthier choices. It won’t take long for your immune system to reap the benefits. 

Get better sleep

Sleep is the time our bodies go into recovery mode. While in dreamland, your body works hard to heal tissue, revitalize cells, and destroy pathogens. Therefore it’s not surprising that quality sleep is linked to a stronger immune system. If you’re struggling to get enough sleep each night, take steps to rectify the situation as soon as possible. Start by improving your sleep environment. This can be done by upgraded bedding, better light control, and improved airflow. If this doesn’t help, consider speaking with a sleep specialist about further steps that can be taken.

Practice better hygiene

The COVID-19 pandemic reminded us of the importance of practicing good hygiene. Doing so slows the spread of disease. With this in mind, consider ways in which your hygiene practices could be improved. For instance, while you might be remembering to wash your hands on a regular basis, you might not be spending enough time at the sink. The general rule is to sing the Happy Birthday song twice in a row while washing your hands. If you’re not the type to sing in the restroom (which is understandable), simply count to 20.

Explore stress management

Occasional stress is an unavoidable fact of life. However, that doesn’t mean we should be living with stress every day of our lives. Doing so is detrimental to our health and wellness; high levels of unmanaged stress are linked to heart disease and diabetes, two conditions that cause a variety of undesirable symptoms. What’s more, they lead to ane an early grave. The solution is to take steps to manage stress. Options include things like meditation, yoga, and other mindfulness tactics.

Getting sick is bound to happen. But nobody needs to go through life feeling constantly unwell. That’s not normal, and could be a sign of a serious problem. The solution is to take steps to uncover what’s causing the aches and pains, followed by trying various ways to improve health. Chances are one or more of the steps you take will prove beneficial in feeling better going forward.

Julie Steinbeck is a freelance writer from Florida. She enjoys covering topics related to business, finance, and travel.

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