UK Businesses Are Planning to Increase Covid Restrictions This Winter

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London is home to some of the world’s most sustainable businesses. The latest Covid uptick means putting some plans on hold for eco-tourism, again.

With Covid cases increasing in the UK as we head into winter, more and more businesses are taking precautions to limit the spread of the virus. 

The UK was seeing a lower number of cases during August 2021 with around 20,000 cases per day, but this has increased to 60,000 by October – and now business owners and officials are looking to increase precautions to safeguard the British public and the NHS.

The challenge also remains for a Christmas period which has extra socialising between busy shoppers and office Christmas parties – but something that participants will have to take into consideration of.

Bringing Back Face Masks

Whilst face masks have been optional to wear in public, there is a real chance of this being brought back for high street shops, schools and other places of interest. 

Business and store owners may be encouraged to put signs outside their windows or only allow access to those with face masks. The same may apply to any employees working in offices, restaurants or stores. This has been a company policy for many – but something that might be far more strongly imposed during the winter period. 

Adding Preventative Methods and Appliances

Protective screens and designated areas for covid have been slowly implemented in the last 18 months and these, along with other hygienic solutions are set to continue.This includes the inclusion of designated areas at the entrance of stores, gyms and restaurants, with clear hand sanitiser and temperature of guests taken upon entry. 

Otherwise, hand washing stations continue to be added to schools, places of worship and stadiums – encouraging hygiene and reducing the spread of covid where possible.

Less People in Offices

Whilst offices have slowly been refilled, this is likely to slow down again to avoid future spread of the dreaded pandemic. 

Some offices have been operating fully or on time rotas, but we may find a complete return to working remotely or very socially distanced working in any offices that remain open.

Hospitality Restrictions 

Bars, restaurants and shops are bound to be busier during the holiday season. This is something that business owners are going to need to manage carefully, without affecting their bottom line.

most sustainable businesses, london

Places of interest may only allow a certain number of people in a location, with a maximum capacity, encouraging people to wait and queue outside.

Inside of locations, guests should be 2m apart and wearing masks (and positively gloves) to ensure your Christmas period is not ruined by the coronavirus.

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