Discovering the Natural Beauty of Dubai: A Top Activity Guide

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When thinking about Dubai, images of its looming skyscrapers and glitzy cars may be the first ones that come to mind, making it difficult to imagine the booming cityscape as anything other than a technological metropolis. However, you will be pleasantly surprised at how Dubai has a multitude of activities for avid nature enthusiasts to enjoy.

From its rolling desert dunes to its glistening Arabian shores, Dubai is brimming with relaxing nature-inspired activities to enjoy while staying at your Rove hotel of choice. We zoom in the lens on some of the ways you can soak up the natural beauty of Dubai below.

Embark On a Desert Safari Trip

Explore the terrain and wildlife of Dubai like never before on a desert safari trip. Sit atop a camel or hop into a 4×4 vehicle to immerse yourself in the natural desert beauty peppered with the occasional signs of life, such as birds or vegetation. Welcome dune bashing, quad biking, and scenic dinner and entertainment activities that draw you in to experience real Arabic heritage and Bedouin traditions set under the backdrop of the twinkling stars. Plus, it’s easy to find a suitable desert safari tour company in Dubai for this unforgettable and must-have experience.

Take a Dinner Cruise Along the Dubai Creek

Soak up the beauty of Dubai’s natural waterways amid an illustrious dinner dhow cruise along the historic Dubai Creek. Once a booming area that welcomed various trades spanning spices to coffee beans, a dinner cruise allows you to savour mouth-watering traditional Middle Eastern cuisine while taking in the rich cultural heritage and traditions that have shaped Dubai into the highly regarded city that it is today. You will also enjoy a live Tanoura dance performance while admiring the historic buildings of Dubai. While it may be a different experience, you could alternatively enjoy a cruise along the ever-popular Dubai Marina instead. This bustling arena is the ideal sightseeing experience for Rovers who enjoy being on the water and show an appreciation for Dubai’s trendiest restaurants and landmark buildings, lavish yachts and other notable attractions.

Hop Aboard a Yacht and Cruise Along the Arabic Shores

Dubai’s history is defined by the sea, with pearl diving once being a major source of income for the economy before Dubai became the modern city that it is today. Rove your way along the Arabian seas as you marvel at the various landmarks spanning artificial islands and breathtaking beaches. What’s more, a calming yacht trip experience is a welcome reprieve for Rovers who are looking to shy away from the busyness of the inner city. Yacht charters offer you the option to catch and cook fish onboard, or you can opt to enjoy a delectable meal as you cruise the shoreline. 

Venture to the Big Red

A trip down the Dubai-Hatta highway will see you land in the Big Red sand dune, aptly named due to its red-stained landscape colour that almost resembles the surface of Mars. Rovers who enjoy a bit of thrill and nature combined can look forward to this 100-metre-high dune that invites you to enjoy sand boarding and other adventure-seeking activities. Be sure to get there early in the morning due to the nature of the heat during the daytime, and bring plenty of sunscreen and water to stay hydrated!

Spend the Day in Hatta

Sometimes Dubai’s heat can become a little overbearing, which is why many locals and tourists enjoy taking a trip out to Hatta. Located closer to the east, it offers milder weather conditions that come as a major relief from Dubai’s scorching heat. Behold the tranquillity of the majestic mountains upon approaching Hatta, and venture just a little further inward to discover Hatta Dam. Serene waters embrace the mountains here and make for the ideal spot to enjoy immersive experiences such as mountain biking, day camping and hiking. Kayaking along Hatta Lake is an additional option for Rovers who really enjoy water sports activities.

Discover The Green Planet

Rovers who opt to stay at Rove City Walk can enjoy its close proximity to The Green Planet, a tropical indoor rainforest encased by glass walls in the heart of the cityscape. With over 3,000 animal and plant species to admire, you’ll have plenty to see and do thanks to its exciting range of activities. Unique nature activities to enjoy here include experiencing a tropical “thunderstorm” in the bio-dome and snorkelling with piranhas.

Visit Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

With thousands of birds choosing Dubai as a go-to destination during migration, Ras Al Khor is a paradise for birders in the city. Just metres away from the pulsating heart of the city lies this wildlife haven and protected bird sanctuary. During the winter months, Rovers can witness the awe-inspiring flamingos who happily steal the show among the other species of bird, including reef herons, sandpipers, and other exotic and colourful species. Ras Al Khor translates to the “cape of the creek,” welcoming nature lovers to explore its surroundings at no charge as birds go about in their natural habitat. Expect to see fish, exotic plants and other mammals when you visit any time of year. You can also enjoy other notable attractions such as the beautiful mangroves, salt flats, lagoons where birds nest, mudflats and more. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary boasts two “hides,” as it’s called, namely the Flamingo Hide and the Mangrove Hide. Be sure to visit both and observe nature in its element via the binoculars provided. Note that you can visit this wetland any time of day, as long as the tides remain low. Navigate to the Dubai Municipality’s website to plan your times for visiting.

With so many activities to welcome nature lovers from all walks of life, Dubai never ceases to amaze the budding traveller with its plethora of attractions.

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