Healthy Water Habits You Should Adopt

healthy water tips

If you’re one of those people that are conscious about drinking enough or the recommended amount of water daily, you’re on the road to having a healthy lifestyle. You may not need a whopping 10 glasses of water, but a satisfactory amount of water, in fact, has many benefits. This article will shine some light on the healthy water habits one should adopt to maintain excellent health.

Drink Soft Water

There are two types of water, mainly hard water and soft water. Hard water, on the other hand, consists of calcium and magnesium. On the other hand, soft water is full of sodium. Hard water can be easily treated and converted into soft water by using a water softener.

A water softener is a water filtration system that operates through ion interchange. It exchanges calcium and magnesium ions until the only mineral that remains in the water is sodium. Soft water is beneficial in reducing skin irritation, and you get clean dishes as a bonus. Essentially, it protects you from water scale buildup and is healthier for you. You might be wondering, how long do water softeners last? The good news is, it can last anywhere between 10-15 years. 

Water Filtration

plastic berkey water counter top filter

A water filter is designed to remove contaminants from the water, such as lead, pesticides and chlorine, among other contaminants. These sediments are either blocked by the filter or absorbed, leaving you with clean and healthy drinking water. Both systems can be used together to have fresh and good tasting water.

How much water do you need to Drink?

Water intake percentage can vary from person to person depending upon various factors such as weight, exercise, environment and overall health conditions. For example, adult women above 19 years of age are recommended to drink 9 cups of water, while adult men above 19 should be drinking 9 cups of water per day. Many apps can help you track your water intake to better manage how much you’re drinking day to day. Here are a few of the most popular apps to choose from: 

1) Daily Water Tracker Reminder

Available on both Android and iPhone, this app helps you record your water intake. With the help of a 7 (weekly water intake) to 30 (monthly) day charts, it shows the overall water intake progress.

2) Hydro Coach

This app is also available on Android and iPhone. You can set your water intake goals. You can add daily intake reminders as well. This app can also be customized for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

3) WaterMinder

WaterMinder helps you easily input your body weight and your personal goal. The app will then calculate your water consumption goal. Besides these features, it will also give you reminders about your water intake. 

4) Aqualert: Water Tracker Daily

Aqualert is another water-intake tracking app. Its features include giving users reminders about water intake, taking their activity level as input, and setting the water intake target according to it.

Flavor Your Water

looking at a glass of water

Although drinking water is essential for your daily life, sometimes you just do not feel like drinking plain ol’ water. Well, no need to fret. There are several natural ways you can add flavor to your water.

1) Add Citrus Fruits to Water

Lemon, lime, oranges and grapefruit can be added to water to improve the taste.

2) Ginger

Boil some slices of ginger in water for a healthy water intake.

3) Cucumber and Mint

You can also add slices of cucumber with crushed mint in your regular water for a beautiful taste.

4) Unsweetened Fruit Juice

add any unsweetened juice to your water for a batter flavor and smell.

5) Watermelon Juice

Blend some watermelon and a pinch of salt with a glass(or two) of water as a refreshing and healthy beverage.

Eat Water Enriched Foods

Many foods are enriched in water, and we can use them in our daily life to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep ourselves hydrated.

Cucumber: (96% water)

Although It has just 8 calories per serving, cucumber has high fiber, vitamin K, and vitamin A contents.

Tomatoes: (96% water)

They are a great source of vitamin A and can be added to your food or your salad.

Spinach: (93% Water)

It’s fibre-rich and a good source of iron. You can cook it or have it as a salad.

Mushrooms: (92% Water)

Mushrooms are a good source of protein and are enriched with vitamin B2, which is very important for the skin and nervous system.

Yellow Melon (91% Water)

Yellow melon consists of low sugar and is a good source of potassium.

Brussel Sprouts (90% Water) and Broccoli (89% water)

Brussel sprouts are good fiber sources and contain vitamin K, Vitamin A and Folic Acid.

Oranges (86% Water)

Oranges consist of Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant and helps to strengthen your immune system. 

A Reusable Water Bottle

There are several advantages to carrying a reusable water bottle with you wherever you are going. There are several benefits of using a reusable water bottle. If you have a reusable water bottle with you, you won’t have to worry about locating a store or a soda machine every time you become thirsty. It’s also worth noting that reusable water bottles are less costly in the long run. And lastly, one of the most compelling reasons for using reusable water bottles is that they are environmentally beneficial.

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