Make A Change: Launching An Environmental Protection Business

laptop sitting on a stump, conserve energy, use less, enjoy forest, nature bathingIn the US alone, there are 15,000 registered non-profit environmental and animal welfare businesses. It’s a huge industry full of passionate people trying to make a change in the world. Below, we’ll share some tips that should point you in the direction of a successful business launch.

A User-Focused Website

Interestingly, 46% of brands fail to launch without a website. What’s the problem with that? 75% of consumers judge a business on the design of their website, so if you have no website, there’s a lack of space to sell your business. Web designers can now use website editor platforms that have advanced creation tools to produce an effortlessly responsive and interactive website. The result is a seamless experience for the consumer.

When 94% of first impressions of a website are related to the design, it pays to invest in a professional web designer, but you also have to consider the content. A key feature on all of your web pages should be a call-to-action. Some 70% of small business websites lack a call-to-action. And, believe it or not, consumers need a push in the right direction. 

Another point to consider is the mobile compatibility, also related to a responsive web design, something web professionals can implement. Half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices, according to Statista, and consumers may view it as unprofessional if a website cannot load on the phone. Don’t lose out to potentially 50% of traffic by failing to create a responsive website.

A Business Plan

Let’s start at the beginning with a business plan. If you were to hire a business advisor or brand manager, they’d ask you about your goals, dreams, what your vision is, etc. It’s essential to have a clear business plan to form the framework for your future success, and it acts as a consistent guide to refer to. 

One study found that of those who had a business plan, 36% could be accepted for a business loan, and 64% managed to grow their business. That’s compared to the people who didn’t have a plan, only 18% obtained a business loan, and 43% grew their business. Why? Because everyone from the banks to investors to consumers wants to understand your vision and concepts. 

Experts recommend you do a business plan for the next 3-5 years, and what you include is personal to you. As guidance, here are some tips of things you might want to include:

  • When you’d like to launch your business
  • When you’d like to make your first sale
  • When you’d like to buy your first office space
  • When you’d like to attend your first event as a business
  • Financial expectations by the end of 3-5 years.

Those are good reference points, but as mentioned, you can personalize them to your vision. There are plenty of business plan templates on the internet and even business journals on Amazon that make business planning easier.

A Strong Social Media Presence

Some 54% of people with a social media account use social media to research products. Millions of active social media users spend hours of their days scrolling through social media, waiting for a post to catch their eye. For a business, the opportunity is unbeatable. Not only are social media channels great for building an ongoing brand, but it’s also great for spreading business launch awareness.

Most social media platforms offer additional promotional tools to help businesses. For example, Facebook has a post boosting feature – giving a brand the chance to have their advert seen by thousands for a fee. Instagram has features such as advertising options, the ability to add links to stories, and much more. 

Compared to other forms of marketing, managing a social media channel and advertisements is possibly one of the cheapest marketing methods.

Create social media pages and a LinkedIn page. LinkedIn is great for networking, business credibility, and advertising. Every business should have a LinkedIn.

Consistent Branding

Consistent branding ties nicely to the need for social media accounts and an interactive website. They’re both two platforms for consistent branding. Essentially, consistent branding is the ability of a business to deliver messages that align with the values, consumer experience, and other brand identity elements. Do it right, and you’ll be like Nike. 

One of the first things that comes into people’s minds when they think about Nike is their slogan – Just Do It. It’s plastered everywhere. From the website logo to their clothing, Nike has ingrained Just Do It into the minds of pretty much everyone. That’s what it means to be consistent with branding.

Launching an environmental protection business is rewarding, yet sometimes challenging. Yet, hundreds of entrepreneurs combine their passion for restoring our environment to its former glory with the drive to run a business. When will you take the plunge and launch your business?

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