Effective Ways to Significantly Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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With the ever-growing threat of climate change, each and every one of us must be doing all we can to reduce our carbon footprint. To preserve our planet for future generations, we need to educate ourselves on how to stop using fossil fuels and contribute to global warming. If every person does one thing per day to reduce their carbon footprint, then maybe we have a chance of extending the life of our planet.

One thing you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and stop climate change is simple: walk. Ditch the car keys, put on your sneakers, and get outside. Not only will you be helping the planet by not pumping car exhaust into the atmosphere, but you will also be benefitting from more exercise. Those who live in urban areas can especially take part in this earth-friendly activity. With so many gyms in San Diego and other major cities, it’s easy to find one within walking distance. The same is true in most other major metropolitan areas. You’re already going to the gym to exercise, so why not kill two birds with one stone and get half of your workout in on the way there while also reducing your carbon footprint?

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Another way to reduce dependence on carbon-generating processes is by riding a bicycle. While it does require more equipment than simply walking, it will get you to your destination much quicker. Riding bikes is a great alternative for those who live in more suburban areas where everything is more spaced out. Putting a basket on your bike will allow you to go to the grocery store and pick up essential items without having to start your car.

While walking and riding bikes are the ideal solutions to reducing carbon emissions, sometimes you will have to travel longer distances. In these situations, it is more realistic to use public transportation or carpooling. Using one vehicle for multiple people is the best way to get more cars off the road and less pollution into the atmosphere. If you need to drive your own car, it would be wise to invest in a hybrid or electric vehicle. Not only will you save money in the long run from not having to buy gas, but you will also be reducing your carbon footprint for as long as you are driving that car. 

Hybrid vehicles use gas and electricity, so they are still producing carbon emissions, but just less than traditional gas guzzlers. Electric cars use no gas at all, meaning they have no environmental impact on the atmosphere. They are currently a more expensive option, but as more and more people become conscious of global warming and climate change, they will become cheaper and more readily available. The more EVs these companies sell, the more charging stations they will build, making it that much easier to reduce your carbon footprint through your car choice.

In addition to modes of transportation, you can also reduce your carbon footprint by eating less meat. Red meat production requires lots of resources to feed, water, and house the animals. Cows, in particular, emit methane emissions, which contribute to climate change. It’s also important to not waste food if you don’t have to and eat off reusable dishes rather than paper or plastic dinnerware. Other energy-saving methods you can practice at home include turning off lights when you are not using them, turning down the heat and water heater, and buying Energy Star appliances. Trash and landfills are other factors contributing to climate change. Choosing to recycle paper, tin cans, and plastic containers can do a world of good.

There is a multitude of ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprints. Whether by choosing to walk to run an errand on foot or making your home energy-efficient, every little bit counts. If every person did one thing per day to reduce our dependence on carbon-generating processes, then our planet may have a chance to flourish and exist for future generations.

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