Where the Grass is Greener: The World’s Top Cannabis Travel Destinations

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Israeli American physician Alan Shackelford was the first to treat children, using CBD.

More people are enjoying herb today than ever before. Through global legalization efforts and a growing acceptance of flower, the international stoner community is flourishing. Now, loyal smokers can travel the world meeting like-minded people and exploring different ways of enjoying herb. And while not every country has legalized the plant for recreational use, many have decriminalized cannabis to encourage ganja tourism. 

Are you interested in taking your vacation to new highs? Here are the top cannabis travel destinations. 

What to pack 

Before you embark on an international trip, you’ll need to pack all the essentials. Put appropriate clothing inside packing cubes to save space in your bag, and don’t forget a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Aim to pack as little liquids as possible, and remember you can purchase most of your toiletries once you’ve reached your destination. 

Other items to stuff into your luggage include a stainless steel water bottle, quick-dry towel, and power adapters. Of course, you can’t forget the 420-friendly must-haves like a clean dab rig and empty grinder. When stocking up on these dabbing essentials, visit quality retailers like MJ Arsenal


Once your suitcase is fully loaded with the latest and greatest in 420-friendly essentials, it’s time to hit the skies. When booking your cannabis-centric vacation, consider the top flower-friendly travel destinations below. 

Toronto, Canada

Toronto is beloved by traveling stoners everywhere and is regarded as one of Canada’s most flower-friendly cities. Although it’s illegal to possess herb, law enforcement is known to be lenient toward discreet smokers. The city boasts a wide range of private cannabis clubs and specialized shops to buy anything from tasty edibles to rare pot seeds

Barcelona, Spain

In Europe, Spain was one of the first countries to decriminalize cannabis. The herb-loving community celebrates the flower yearly with festivals like “Spannabis” occurring in early spring. Barcelona is also close to Morroco, one of the largest global herb producers, meaning you’ll have easy access to high-quality products. 

Portland, Oregon

For those looking for a stateside trip, look no further than Portland. The city was one of the first in America to legalize flower for recreational use and is also home to America’s first herbal cafe. Visit Portland’s many dispensaries to purchase high-quality flower, and explore the art-filled streets, where you’ll meet like-minded stoners. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Of course, a list of flower-friendly hotspots wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Amsterdam. Hailed as the ultimate stoner paradise, Amsterdam is filled with hundreds of herbal coffee shops. The city also hosts High Times’ annual “Cannabis Cup” that occurs every November. 


Although the herb is technically illegal in the Netherlands, individuals over 18 are permitted to buy and consume cannabis. As a good rule of thumb, make sure to stay within designated smoking areas when lighting up and practice discretion. 

Final thoughts 

Traveling the world offers a new perspective on life and culture, especially when Mary Jane is your travel buddy. Take a leap into international waters when you visit destinations like Amsterdam or Barcelona. Or, get a once-in-a-lifetime stoner experience by visiting North American cities like Portland and Toronto. Whichever flower-friendly adventure you choose, you are sure to make memories and friends that last a lifetime.

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