The Best Cannabis Strains For Beginner Growers

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Cousin to the cannabis plant, hemp is also considered a healing herb – and one that is legal anywhere to grow. High amounts of CBD make it an interesting anti-anxiety medicine for many folks. And growing your own marijuana means an organic, chemical free medicine that won’t break the bank.

Many people tend to believe that cannabis strains are basically the same. But in reality, cannabis strains are not the same. Some strains are resistant to diseases, mould, drought, and pests, while others require less nutrients than others. Other cannabis strains are also perfect for novice growers because they require fewer skills and effort. You need also consider the use of the cannabis your growing such as smoking, edibles, or cordials

If you are a novice cannabis grower, you need to choose cannabis strains that are easy to grow. That’s because such cannabis strains don’t require much maintenance and they are also not fussy about their external conditions. Other than that, cannabis strains that are easy to grow may require lesser resources in regards to heating and specialized lighting.

If you are considering growing cannabis for the first time, you may not know which cannabis strain to choose. That’s because there are more than 1000 cannabis strains available. You can get these strains from an online marijuana seed bank.

Sure, growing your own cannabis certainly has its own benefits. However, there are always people who prefer to buy weed online instead. By doing this method, it can save a lot of time in selecting the perfect marijuana seeds and going straight to using high quality cannabis strains.

This article gives you a list of some of the top cannabis strains that are friendly to grow beginners. Continue reading to explore them. 

Blue Dream [A Sativa cannabis strain]

Blue Dream is the most common strain among consumers. It is also perfect for novice growers. Blue Dream is one of the most desired cannabis strains because of its ability to provide users with both physical relaxation and blissful high effect. It is a cross of Blueberry indica and Super Silver Haze. Blue Dream has a THC content of about 24%, making it extremely potent. Moreover, its 2% CBD content makes it offer plenty of medical benefits to the users.

What makes Blue Dream exceptional is its resistance to root rot and powdery mildew. These are the most common issues cannabis growers deal with, and they can destroy the plant if not addressed properly. This strain will grow into a tall plant. It is not advisable to grow Blue Dream outdoors because it is extremely sensitive to climate change. When grown outdoors, this strain becomes vulnerable to an infestation of red spider mites, because of its pleasant sweet smell.

White widow

This cannabis strain is also one of the most popular strains on the international scene. It is also ideal for beginner growers. It gets its name from the bulky layers of white trichomes it produces. This strain is also very potent. It flowers after 10 weeks. But the wait is worth it. Many people use the White Widow to relieve pain, stress, and depression. It also offers a relaxation effect thanks to its high THC level. This hybrid was developed in the Netherlands. The White Widow is one of the easiest cannabis strains to grow. It can take between 12 to 13 weeks from the time you plant the seeds up to the time you harvest it. This is relatively a short time for a successful cultivation project.

One of the main reasons why White Widow is popular is because it can grow and thrive even during cold seasons indoors, without requiring a substantial amount of attention. You can pay little attention to this cannabis strain and still end up with a high-quality harvest. So if you are a novice grower with little skills on the cannabis plant, the White widow is the perfect cannabis strain for you. You can get your White Widow seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Company.

Gorilla Glue #4 [GG4]

This cannabis strain is Sativa-dominant. It brings together other popular cannabis strains such as Chem Sister, Chocolate Diesel, and Sour Dub. It is also one of the easiest cannabis strains to grow. With just a single successful Gorilla Glue #4, you can harvest plenty of buds from it. Additionally, it also takes a relatively short period to grow. You can harvest it after eight or nine weeks after planting.

Gorilla Glue #4 can grow in a moderate climate. Again, room temperature works well for this cannabis strain. Its 28% THC makes it a potent strain. It can be used to reduce stress, fatigue, and deal with mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. If you are a grower who wants to branch out into concentrates, this cannabis strain is the perfect option because it generates a significant amount of resin.

Northern Lights

This cannabis is pure indica. It is also very popular and easy to grow. One of the reasons why this cannabis strain is popular is because of its potency effects and sweet scent and flavor. If you are considering growing cannabis plant for medical purposes, the Northern Lights is the perfect option.

This cannabis strain can thrive indoors in various climates. If you want to keep your garden discreet and avoid unnecessary attention, Northern Lights is the best option because it is known to produce less odor compared to other types of cannabis strains. In addition to that, this cannabis strain usually flowers after six to seven weeks of growth, and the harvest is just incredible.

Blue Cheese

The Blue Cheese is an indica-dominant cannabis strain. It is also perfect for novice growers. What makes this strain easy to grow is its resilience to overfeeding and overwatering. This strain also responds well to LED lights used in an indoor growing space.

Another thing, Blue Cheese tends to thrive at room temperature. If you are planning to grow it indoors, then you should have more headspace because this strain usually grows taller. You can harvest Blue Cheese strain flowers after six weeks of planting.

Final thoughts

The list of cannabis strains for novice cannabis growers is endless. There are hundreds of cannabis strains in the market, and more are still being developed. But any strain in this article can be an excellent option for people who are considering growing cannabis on their own. These cannabis strains mentioned in this article have exceptional effects, high potency, as well as a seamless growing experience.

When choosing cannabis strain, remember to choose one that will thrive in your climate, as well one that is resistant to infestation, mold, and disease.

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