6 Top Benefits of Time Clock Apps

summer timeYou’ve worked hard to build your business, and you put all the hours in, so why should you be out of pocket? With pen and paper used for payroll, it can take hours and be inaccurate! In this day and age, you can’t afford to have avoidable mistakes. Digital time-clock apps are always correct, reduce time and save you money in the long run.  

Time clock apps put an end to the exhausting manual processes. Each day while you are sitting planning schedules, figuring out how many hours are required, you could be automating the entire task. Employers lose an astonishing $373m to buddy punching and time theft. Employees can abuse your system by clocking in too early or clocking out too late. Workers tend to forget to clock out when on a break.

Businesses are looking to save money, and the answer could be staring them in the face. Hence, many companies are moving into the digital era to get rid of these issues. Switching to a time clock app will help you be more productive, efficient and provide a better company vibe. If you are still unsure, keep reading for the benefits of using the best time clock app.

Here Are the 6 Benefits of Using Time Clock Apps

  • Curbs time theft. Statistics from the U.S Chamber of Commerce estimated that 75% of employees steal a minimum of one time. With manual time-clocking, an employee easily steals five minutes here and there, and you wouldn’t even notice. Automated time removes theft as employees sign in when they get to work and sign out when they leave.  Time clocks add another element as they have built-in GPS, meaning no more buddy punching. With GPS, employees only clock in and out if they are in the exact location set by you. Therefore, if a worker wanted to steal time, they would have to explain how an automated app is possible. Doing so is virtually impossible!


  • Increased productivity. Manually figuring out payroll can be complicated, especially when you have to work out each employee’s attendance. With a time clock app, employees view their schedule, letting them know their time is valued. If employees sense that their needs are taken care of, they focus on their role instead of feeling cheated.
  • Spend less time sorting. Any sort of paperwork is never fun and is very time-consuming. You have to ensure you have stock of pens, paper, printer ink, and the list goes on. Digitizing lets you get back to work, not spend time searching for loose papers, and not worry about re-stocking unnecessary items.
  • Grow your business. Not going digital-only really works short term. If you want to grow your business and hire more employees, that same system becomes challenging to complete. As you employ more staff, it will take you more time to work out the hours completed. In addition, if there are queries over their hours, you won’t remember who did what. Growing your business also requires you to keep within budget. You could be overpaying your staff and losing valuable money that you could re-invest. Rather than waiting for that to become your reality, digitize today and see the change.
  • Share progress reports. A time clock app helps you present data in a professional manner. You are able to present the breakdown of hours to clients or staff. In addition, this also assists you in deciding where you want to spend and grow areas of your business. Furthermore, you know how long each task takes to complete. 
  • Abide by the law. Accurate timekeeping is very important and protects you from possible lawsuits. With more and more people working remotely, time tracking is essential. You can keep on top of your finances and be aware of where your employees are at all times. Time clock apps help you show that you track time and pay according to the Fair Labor Standards Act

Digitizing and using a time clock app, you will notice that you are much more efficient. Once you don’t have to worry about keeping track of hours, you can complete tasks that had been waiting on the back burner. Clocking in and out is not meant to take hours, and you won’t worry about justifying employee’s salaries. Managers also have a better understanding of how employees use their time.

If you are ready to take a leap into the modern era, Connecteam’s Time Clock App is the one for you. In just a few minutes, you are up and running. Connecteam’s smart groups means you split up employees by their job roles. Connecteam helps you manage your employee’s working hours better, simplify payroll, and collaborate with your team. Simply download free and begin using some of the features. Once you see the difference, it only costs $39 a month for up to 200 users. For workforces over 200, you may arrange a meeting with a sales rep.

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